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Going traditional always wins our hearts but doesn’t the grey seem too dull for an international film festival?

She does look good though!

Freida Pinto, The Times BFI London Film Festival 2008


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  1. Are you kidding me????
    This is one of the most original Indian looks I have ever seen. She looks smashing…and she rocks the entire ensemble….and don’t even know who the hell she is!!

  2. I think this is lovely. Not only is this Indian but also looks just right for the occasion. I am sick of Indian actresses either dressing in western wear or wearing bright and flashy clothes for an event where every other person is in muted colors.

    Love the bracelet/ clutch. ANy idea where i can get one of those in the states?

  3. I love it !! She looks beautiful, the makeup is great and I love that she didnt go for the traditional red or pink…the grey and gold is a winner for me !
    Who is she, again?

  4. NOT AT ALL!!!!!
    She looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I agree, this is the most original look I’ve seen in a long time
    being that grey is one of the major colors of the season ( and that it adds some sophistication) I LOVE LOVE LOVE it
    BAH! the more I look at it the more I love it, THAT BLOUSE!!!!
    pretty girl, fresh face

  5. Love it! Everything about it is young, fresh, and beautiful. Her hair, accessories, the styling of the clothing, and her makeup. I dunno who she is but she definitely caught my attention..something so “real” and unpretentious about it all…

  6. i think she looks lovely. only – small grouse – she’s probably not a saree wearer because her feet are showing :) thats all.

  7. i love the fact that she didnt try and wear a larger-than-life gown and she didnt even choose an extra jewel-studded, bright, revealing saree (like bipasha did during the 7 wonders of the world event).

    she looks fresh, elegant and absolutely gorgeous!

  8. DULL!??? NOT AT ALL!! this so far is the best representation of India at an international event. our so called fashionistas need to get some tips from her . She looks FABULOUS!

  9. I have recently started feeling as if the entire tone of this blog is being changed. What was considered high class, high fashion earlier is now being termed ‘dull’ or ‘event-appropriate’… and what could definitely be WTHeyy is now ‘ain’t so bad’ now. I don’t know if this because a lot more people have started reading these posts… so you’re maybe trying to appease all the visitors?

    Getting back to this post… indian wear doesn’t need to be a bright garish colors to qualify as international film festival-worthy.. This entire outfit is gorgeous with great color-coordination with perfect accessories.

  10. I think this is THE best Indian outfit I’ve seen in years. I love that the blouse is the center of attention, and that the sari is muted. I love that she draped it differently so that you can see the blouse. I love that she looks elegant, and not garish or trashy. I love her understated makeup and accessories. I think that the gray is perfect – any other color could have pushed the outfit to typical over-the-top, over-designed Indian wear.

  11. love the outfit.. not every indian wear on intn’l stage or for that matter on indian stage has to be “hideous” neeta lulla (ash) or “gaudy blingy see thru” manish malhotra (kapoors, shetty, bipasha etc. etc)..

    i love the bracelet, clutch, drape, blouse etc.

  12. divi I totally agree. Indian actresses are either feverishly trying to look Western (Ash) or put on the bright colors and studded jewels to say LOOK HOW ETHNIC AND BOLLYWOOD AND BRIGHT I AM (Bipasha). This girl here looks effortlessly good.

  13. AMAZING…….dint know you can actually see bollywood represented so gracefully……you can go unnoticed if ur not a typical blingy kapoor or a Cannes disaster bacchan….

  14. she’s looking original, amazingly well put together with the accessories and most of all, that smile pulls the outfit together! I wonder what she will end up wearing to this years Oscars, since Slumdog is sure to be nominated for serveral categories…

  15. Interesting comments. I actually don’t care for it. I find the gold on the blouse and the big gold earrings garish but then I like a pared down look. She’s a lovely girl but I don’t think the grey suits her skin tone unlike the turquoise Nanette Lepore dress.

  16. shes done a modern version of the saree drape ala shilpa shetty..the dull grey gets a lift by the shiny gold. the blouse has saved the outfit majorly..its ok


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