Doing Black And White

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If you had to (yeah, we have you covered and hence the “had to”) wear one of these very-stark black and white outfits, which would you choose?

If we absolutely had to, we’d go with Tisca’s, at least there’s potential to improve/build upon… not a fan of Neeta’s suit!

Neeta Lulla
Tisca Chopra

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  1. Funny – I don’t really ‘have’ to, but I like these kind of boring, predictible clothes, and I wear such things to work EVERYday. I like Neeta’s a lot more, looks comfortable and ‘finished’. Tisca’s is a little more…erm…’wannabe’?

  2. If Neeta’s didn’t have that knot feature up-front I’d have gone for her’s. The jacket is good except for that one detail. But don’t like her shoes.

    Overall, I’ll take Tisca’s even though it’s very ordinary but am not finding anything to complain there. :-)

  3. I like Neets outfit but it reminds me of winter! Why would she wear something like this in Bombay?

    On the other had, Tisca’s look is more casual, summerish. Dont like her shoes though…

  4. Neeta looks good here ! Tisca looks like errrrrrrrrr…errrrrrrrrrr very ‘wannabe’ ! Someone said that before. Can’t find a better word !

  5. Tisca ma’am u r looking really smart,elegant,pretty,beautiful,etc in this pic…help me with words over there..
    From head to toe-
    Hair-nice,simple and looking awesome
    Eyes-oh gosh they r an ocean..i can go on swimming in them..well done up
    Lips-perfect shade
    Necklace-perfect..stylish yet simple nd matching wid d dress..doing justice with it:)
    Handbag-u rarely get it wrong..nice,simple,sleek,perfect colour..nd more importantly well carried with style nd u always do:)
    Sandals-just the right ones for this dress..perfect heel height,design and colour..u rarely get those wrong on your sweet and charming feet
    Jeans-tight,stylish,perfect tone of black and perfect length as well..which is making u look as tall as you r..more sexier than anyone on this planet..and matches with ur figure and body
    Shirt-has d perfect shade and bit shiny which matches wid ur skin…is perfect in size which helps you show d world tht u have the best figure on this planet…
    So overall its a gorgeous one…the dress suits your beauty
    Coz u r as precious as a diamond…u r flawless and simple like the dress
    Your beauty is infinite and I’ll like to get on my knees and hail u for that..
    I love your beauty,your sweetness and you as a whole..u rock ma’am..u rock..<3


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