Pretty In Pink?

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Whats with Aarti’s obsession with the saccharine and sickly pink? We don’t have anything good to say about this look so we won’t say anything at all! :)


Aarti Chabbria At FHM Style Icon Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Yes.. less said the better.. but I couldn’t help but cringe more at the colored lens.. ugh.. i hate them.. especially something this obvious..

  2. MAN those eyes are scary with the contacts

    didnt even notice the dress first

    eyes freaked me out – since they stand out with all that make up


  3. Okay , is it me? Her arms are creeping me out, well…her armpits and the bulging skin around it. IS it a trick of light? enlighten me please!

  4. I couldn’t beyond the eyes.. seems like she put the whole bottle of foundation on her face..those blue-lens es are ugly. And, whats this obsession with colored lens? They may have been trendy in the early nineties when you put them on to look cooler than the rest,..but that look is so passe now. What world do these ladies live in?


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