Fab Or Drab?

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Tunic and leggings paired with a chain belt… not exactly a new look on Deepika! Only difference is that, we like it much better this time over the last!

But, and there’s always a ‘but’… While we do like the tunic (love that color), can’t say we are too fond of that belt!


Deepika Padukone At FHM Style Icon Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ewww..!! If it has side slits and falls that long, wear it like it’s meant to be worn.. with a churidaar and without the belt!
    This is seriously disastrous for a style awards function! I just can’t get over it! Moreover, she’s just getting skinnier by the day! How awful!

  2. She needs to eat first. Then cut her hair. I like the tunic it’s pretty but this look is too casual for a style award show and her face is looking very tired. There is no spark.

  3. drab. w/ slits on side like that, it seems like shes wearing a kameez w/out shalwar. also she shld get a haircut, as this hairdo makes her face look really tiny.

  4. She looks AMAZING. It’s just unfair how amazing she looks and what a body she has. The outfit is cute but definitely inappropriate for an award function. Also I think the ‘belt’ (or whatever it is) should have been a little bit tighter and maybe a little more waist up.

  5. She has access to the most beautiful clothes from the best designers in India and she turns up at an awards function looking like this…. *tsk* *tsk*

  6. Ugh! Looks so stoooooopid! Hate the little belt — who is she, some white-gai from the 80’s? She looks older too. This look would have been better, had the tunic been more form fitting, and she wore some longer black leggings, and some sleek heels..or even some skinny jeans with heels. Why does she look older than she is? :/

  7. LOL….I have seen tourists in Fiji wearing those kinda tunics and walking on the beach….for heavens sake Deepika this is such a horrid choice of wardrobe to a style icon show…total DRAB…period!

  8. Ok this girl has amazing bone structure but she does look very guant.. a little fat would make her look so youthful (and I don’t mean fat in the way of collagen implants). The colour is gorgeous but she’s badly dressed for the occasion = this is a No for me.

  9. She looks perfectly fine. The color is very tasteful and she has tried to be different. I like it that she did not put the belt the traditional way at the waist and loosened up the look a bit. I at first thought it was a dress. If I hadn’t seen her other photos I wouldnt have known there were slits and she had tights inside. Maybe a bit casual, but I really like her simple yet Stylish look.


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