In Falguni and Shane Peacock

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More Peacock spotting on Fergie and can’t say we have any complains. Love the edgy dress on her.

We hear Lady Gaga is next on the designer duo’s list to dress. Cannot wait for that!


Left: Falguni and Shane Peacock, Fall 2010
Right: Fergie on Good Morning America

Photo Credit: Wireimage

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  1. Agree with some above, the dress doesn’t flatter her body type and not quite sure how’s she’s breathing in that ill-fitted dress.

  2. I love the dress. Fergie always looks scary from the neck up, but I love the way her body is carrying off the dress. Love those shoes.

  3. I love the dress on the model, with the sheer fabric. Fergie’s too top heavy to pull that off, so her version is not as attractive.
    Can’t wait for the Gaga.

  4. How have their design sensibilities suddenly gone all Manish Arora? Haven’t Shane & Falguni always primarily been into Animal Print dresses and Kaftans? The sudden drastic shift surprises me!

  5. I really don’t like Fergie in most things she wears, but she is pretty short, and that makes it harder than for tall girls (I speak from experience). However, I really can wait – a long time – to see Gaga. The longer the wait the better….

  6. I don’t really care for Fergie or for the way she has worn this dress and spoilt the look of it…but I wanna see GAGA!!! She’s going to ROCK Peacock(obviously!) :D Love her


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