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Just where did the year go? Wasn’t it just March? Okay, so every thirty-first we are left asking the same question and yet, this year seems to have especially whizzed by faster. And what a year it has been!

In no special order, let’s look back on some of the more memorable moments documented on this blog, shall we?

We haven’t always documented Menswear on this blog but Ranveer made us sit up and take notice. The flamboyant actor’s sartorial risk-taking might not have always paid off but there were some good, good moments. Like this appearance in Zegna!

With both Sonam and Deepika, there were multiple sightings that got our vote but, it was these two appearances that we found most memorable and impactful. The Elie Saab on Ms. Kapoor and the Abu Sandeep sari on Ms. Padukone made for a great departure from what we had been seeing on them up to that point of time. Besides, both ladies wore their respective looks exceedingly well!


L To R: Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor And Deepika Padukone

There’s a certain look we had come to expect of Priyanka Chopra and boy did her appearance in the vintage poster print gown give us a start! She worked that Gauri and Nainika gown!

Poorna gave us quite a range of looks this past year but it was her appearance in Gaurav Gupta that we count among the top. The printed dress with its open back was made for her!

Sridevi started out strong but towards the end of the year, fizzled out a bit. It’s a good thing 2013 saw her wear this Alberta Ferretti… It more than made up for any missteps she may have taken. It was one of those appearances where everything came together just right.


L To R: Priyanka Chopra, Poorna Jagannathan And Sridevi

Neha Dhupia has pretty consistently kept it interesting with her sartorial choices but it was this appearance in Sabyasachi Couture that had us go weak in the knees.

There is so much we love about this appearance of Kareena’s in Anamika Khanna. Well styled and perfectly worn, there wasn’t a single thing we could fault.

Ah, Vidya (and her Sabyasachis) in Cannes! Fashion, feminism, playing in to Western ideals of “exotic”, bringing Indian craft to forefront, too costume-y, making old-world poise and charm new-world sexy again… Whichever side of the debate you were on, a lot was said. Loathe it, love it, either way admit it… It sure as hell was memorable!


L To R: Neha Dhupia, Kareena Kapoor And Vidya Balan

When she gets it right, she gets it so right! Yup, Kangna in her Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna sheath makes it to our list because she worked every bit of that sheer-panelled embellished dress. Every. Bit.

Think ‘fishtail gown’ and it’s easy to get a dated Nineties flashback. No such fear here; she shimmered, she shone! Jacqueline looked fantastic in her Roberto Cavalli.

Speaking of ‘shimmer’ and ‘shine’, how fantastic did Freida look in her beaded Sanchita on the Cannes red carpet? Loved the look head-to-toe!

It isn’t a full-skirted dress but it is a look that Ms. Poonawala wears well. The outing in Marc Jacobs dress caught our eye, and for all the right reasons at that.


L To R: Kangana Ranaut, Jacqueline Fernandez, Freida Pinto And Natasha Poonawala

It has been a good year for the sari! Sure there were plenty of sari-inspired gowns and modified saris but there were just as many ladies who embraced silks, cottons and other weaves. A special mention to these lovely ladies who picked saris that weren’t always diaphanous, slinky and embellished.


L To R: Mini Mathur, Samantha Prabhu, Tisca Chopra, Maria Goretti, And Kiran Rao

Also worthy of a special mention, these ladies…

Kajol might have kept it simple in her AM:PM but it wasn’t lacking in effect; she looked good! The brocade Harsh Harsh might have been a tricky pick for most but not on Sophie. She too looked good!

And finally, Prerna Goel in her Pallavi Jaikishan sari. The always well-turned out Ms. Goel seems to wear her clothes with an enviable sense of ease and elegance and this sighting was no exception.


L To R: Kajol, Sophie Choudry And Prerna Goel

It has been an interesting year. We’ve seen most experiment more, try newer even less-established designers more. We’ve seen more risks, we’ve had more conversation… We’ve seen unexpected names go mainstream and some deserving ones being passed-up. All in all, it wasn’t a year short of memorable moments.

Heck, the blog got a long overdue, whole new look. Memorable moment contender, yes?

It has been a great year for the blog and we love every one of you. Even when you disagree with us! ;) Here’s to a fantastic 2014 and may our tribe only grow.

Tad trite but we must end the year with a quote from Coco. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Okay? Now let’s go get some champagne!

See ya on the other side.

**Posted via Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Two of Four part series.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  2. The list somehow doesn’t feel together….. Deepika was more striking in the Prabal G black outfit…and kareena is just blah….they are on the list by virtue of no one else being there but they are hardly icons of fashion. If being styled by someone else and wearing brands made one an icon, quoting Coco isnt cool.

  3. With the exception of Sophie and Deepika, the other looks are very bland and meh. And what about Aishwarya? She had some good looks this year. Why no mention of her?

  4. frieda’s gown look similar to what gauhar khan wore at bigg boss 7 finale…is it from the same collection P&P..if not then please do ID gauhar’s gown

  5. Great list ladies!! Here’s to more risk taking in 2014 and getting inspired by sonam, kangana, poorna, frieda and now I guess ranveer!

  6. Happy new year and thank you girls for making my day go by faster at work! And thank you to all you beautiful ladies for looking so good, making the effort, pushing the envelop, making it look easy: Sonam, Deepika, Poorna, Kangana, Neha, and Frieda!

  7. Happy New Year PnP. I think you do a great job.

    I do wish the comments section was better. I am a dedicated go fug reader and the comments there are sarcastic, critical, funny but rarely mean spirited. Can’t say the same about HHC which is a pity. I am a sporadic reader now from a daily reader.

    PS: I sometimes see the same outfits on the same people on tumblr but photographed such that it changes one’s opinion. No one bothers about copyright on tumblr so yeah I get it that you can’t host the pics but a link might help.

    • Agreed! I look forward to Natasha’s looks, I can’t remember her ever wearing anything boring.
      I love Kangana but not her purse collection, I hate her little dior purses.
      Neha Dhupia wears interesting clothes too… so does Poorna but because she is so skinny, it doesn’t always work in her favor.
      I’ve never cared for Deepika because she wears whatever the stylist gives her.
      Sonam used to be fun but her over the top makeup and clothes are very gimicky.
      I would rather have any of these women featured over Madhuri or ash or Ameesha.

  8. I think asin in the anamika khanna outfit she wore recently is an ace over Kareena Kapoor in the anamika khanna. And agree with another earlier comment, Ash in the blue dress she wore in Switzerland I think after going to Cannes was a great one. Vidya/Sabya collaboration was unexpectedly unfortunate to see – Maybe in the new year, they would get it right without any unintentional satire.

  9. PC, Sridevi, Deepika , Kangna & Neha look awesome and rightly deserve their mentions. People like kajal with that piece of a hanging cloth, nah, just blah.

  10. happy new year everyone :) a special thank you to PnP for keeping me entertained and helping me develop my own fashion sense a bit along the way. (this is what i have learnt: i hate anarkalis, net saris and sheer detailing on dresses.)

    did you see WTHeeyyyy ranveer was wearing on the Front Row? i think he or his stylist is going blind.

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