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We had two Farah Sanjana sightings today, one on Sonakshi while she attended promotions for Holiday and the other on Anushka who showcased her newly arrived outfit on Instagram.

Leaning toward any particular flamingo print design of the two?

P.S. Sonakshi’s wearing Chanel pumps and H&M ear cuffs.


Left: Sonakshi Sinha for ‘Holiday’ Promotions
Right: Anushka Manchanda

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  1. That top doesn’t go well with Sonakshi’s skirt at all! I do love her ear cuff and shoes though. Anushka’s outfit is a bit too pink for my taste.

    • Agreed. Sonakshi seems to be sucking in her tummy so much and it shows on her face. That kind of pink would have been okay without prints.

  2. Love!! Sonakshi looks great, I like the combination. But REALLY love that pink outfit, the colors are delicious! Would totally wear that!

  3. I prefer Sonakshi over Anuska…Such a striking print !Anusha should have paired it with black bottoms as opposed to pink..Right now its just too much pink…I am curious to know how was the pink design styled on the runway…


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