Jooti Style

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While I wasn’t a big fan of the work on Esha’s kurta, I loved that she paired the outfit with a jooti. So many people forget that that bad footwear can also ruin a whole outfit!

eshahema.JPG eshahema1.JPG

Edit: Thanks Bsimple! I always mix that up!

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  1. Yeah..I like the jooti too! me wants! I thought the kurta was the top and the salwar is the bottom..? so that means u are not a big fan of the work on the

  2. while she got the framework of the outfit right, the whole ensemble could’ve been much prettier. it looks like she just pulled out an old suit from her closet at the last minute.

  3. me like! after a long time, i like what esha’s wearing! lol

    and the jutti makes it look awesome! and different. yeh, it’s the shoes that can rock the outfit. had they been normal heels, it would’ve just been the usual run of the mill outfit, but the jutti adds a nice touch to it.

    me like.

  4. I liked her look, simple and decent. by the way these jotties called “Khussa” in Pakistan and they looked elegant with churidar.


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