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Wearing her Mom’s sari which she seems to have converted into a lehenga (going by her IG post), Esha attended the Ambani-Piramal wedding reception on Friday evening.

I like the idea of transforming the sari but given the dull gold border, I wish she’d gone easy on the jewellery and the eye makeup.

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  1. The dupatta does not match the beautiful lehnga and in fact brings it down several notches. A sheer dupatta would have looked better.
    Yes the jewelery looks too much.

    • So the parties can be full of Nita ambanis?
      Not like anyone will be able to keep up even if they tried. In any case she got plenty of flak for that on this blog, and at least it’s her kids who are getting married

  2. Why ruin such a beutiful saree by converting it to a lehenga with a duppatta that does not match?

    She would have looked beautiful if she had draped that saree and not turn up like this in that lehenga.

  3. Are you trying to tell me the running theme for this wedding bonanza was who should look the tackiest/richest/gaudiest? Everyone has put the all the make up they have, all the jewels they have and all the glitter and all the Christmas decorations they have.

  4. She looks beautiful. The dress is not great, but it flatters her. Sometimes you may wear haute couture, and it may not become you. And there are times where something does not sit right.

  5. Being Hema Malinis daughter, one expects Esha to be elegant and classy. Somehow I find her looks to all be disappointing and disjointed :(. The apple fell far from the tree here :(

    HHC please post

  6. These celebs have all the money and access to the best of stylists, fashion, couture, jewelery and yet they cannot seem to dress right. They all seem to go overboard in trying to outdo each other in looking like a tv serial bahu. They all seem to have got the memo to find the most garish lehanga and pile up every piece of jewelery they have been hoarding. It is an Ambani wedding after all and no one will be able to outshine the mother of the bride/groom however much they tried, not even the bride herself..


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