Sari Style

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While it was refreshing to see Ms. Kapoor in a sari, the very sloppy drape ruined it for us!

Ekta Kapoor At Genelia And Ritesh’s Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. COULD YOU PLEASE STOP posting pictures of sloppy dressers like ekta kapoor…….she can hire a stylist but she chooses to dress this way and it would really help to not see her on high heel confidential anymore! Thank you

    • I agree. This has to be a Wtheey… The drape is worse than the infamous shoes ! The drape is just so sloppy. A 15 yr old boy could drape a saree better than she does !!!

  2. The saree is a hot mess to begin with. God, I hope this sheer saree trend doesn’t take off. I’m scared. But what I cannot stand at all is how to she wore it way above the sandals.
    I love the blouse, mudi and flower.

  3. Those SHOES?? seriously?!! either she super glued them to her feet or she made a promise to god that she wont let go of the shoes.. !! she should have a freaking good answer for why she keeps on wearing THEM! =\

  4. Eeeeegad those shoes. Those hideous hideous shoes.
    Let’s start a twitter/fb campaign asking her to pls stop wearing them.
    She’s not a bad looking lady with gorgeous gorgeous hair all ruined by her choice of clothes and those hideous shoes.
    Sorry for the overkill on the word hideous but there is no other adjective that describes them

  5. Oh my..oh my!!!!

    That blouse is tacky to the core (especially the velvet tie), the drape is horrendous, shoes ghastly, earrings mismatched, half her hand covered in threads wierd, hair is nice from the back but sloppy in front. The sari is not that bad. Could be salvaged by someone who can drape/wear it with more sohistication.

  6. Maybe THE SANDALS ARE ONE OF HER “MANY” superstitious beliefs!!! aaarrrgggghhh.. wasn’t the K-series saas bahu drama enough????


  7. Relax people!read somewehere that she thinks she’s being “true to herself” by not getting rid of those shoes.So maybe if we ignore it,they’ll self combust!

  8. Haha! reading the comments above made me realise that if the idea was to shock and therefore make news, she’s succeeded big time. She knows that any marketing is good marketing and she has been able to get loads of attention! tthat apart I like her self confidence despite that dress and the shoes

  9. WHY is bollywood so obsessed with MM? and Velvet?
    She looks ok but her dress and sandals are just so bad. bad bad bad choice of dressing

  10. This is horrendous!!! Why are you guys being so kind??? I mean she has access to best! Can be styled by the best and no excuses for such awful mistakes! Nightmarish is what this is! A complete insult to the sari!!!

  11. She should have called one of the dressers from her shows to drape the sari for her. Needn’t have paid them either. They would all have jumped at the chance to dress the boss


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