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A dress that has rosettes and an ugly print is an automatic ‘WTHeyyy’.

But, what do we say to someone who wears a ‘WTHeyyy’ outfit again!!! Am sure you all can help us out here! ;)

divya-emi-music-launch.jpg divya-yuvvraaj-screening.jpg

Left: Divya Khosla, ‘EMI’ Music Launch
Right: Divya Khosla, ‘Yuvvraaj’ Screening


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  1. this dhivya is very pretty looking woman and loaded with money too…but whats the point when u have all the moeny and looks but horrible fashion pains my heart

  2. a pretty lass gone bad with the riches.
    She is a beauty but eversince she got married to Bhushan Kumar she’s gone berserk with reckless dressing.
    Hot Pink and Bright red seem to be her favourite colors.
    Everything can be excused but wearing stockings with sandals….aghhhhhhh. I have seen a few more pictures of hers where she is wearing the stockings…
    Missy needs to tone it down big time

  3. at “the glow looks natural” comment: i believe that “glow” is aka sweat/oil.

    she looks like a simpleton who has recently made it big. i guess nouveau riche would be the right word. hopefully as she matures, her sense of style will too.

  4. What is that really??? Calling it a mere eyesore is being polite……..and I can’t help but ask – are those stockings she is wearing?? with Open Sandals?????
    Biggest faux pas ever lady!!


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