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Wish we had clearer pics of Sonali but from what we see, we like both Divya and Sonali in this Ranna Gill dress. You?


Left: Divya Gurwara at Bridal Asia High Tea Event, Sep 2009
Right: Sonali Bendre at Bombay Times 14th Anniversary Bash, Oct 2008

Photo Credit: Indiatimes

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  1. Both ladies look nice. (This is ‘evil’ I know but initially before the pic loaded I thought it was Divya Dutta and Sonali Kulkarni both in Gill and BOTH working the dress—that would be quite something considering one or the other almost always manages to get something wrong.)

  2. I knew a girl who once wore a bedsheet to school (like, an actual blanket)…a rebel, that one.
    ANYWAYS, this is sort of unflattering. Really unflattering. It does nothing on Sonali and is passable on Divya only because she’s so thin.

  3. Divya gets my vote since she wore the dress to an ‘Asia Tea Event’ asia being the key word there, as for sonali, it really does look “like a printed bedsheet tied up to double up as a dress” rofl


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