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Someone needs to sit Ms. Dutta down and have a serious chat with her.


Divya Dutta At ‘Drona’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The shoes don’t go with the dress, the dress doesn’t go with the body type, the hair doesn’t go with the face, and the stole around her neck doesn’t go with anything at all.

  2. oh LORDY LORD.. where to begin..disaster from head to toe.. with anklet.. ..
    Divya needs SERIOUS I MEAN SERIOUS HElp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. madhuri gave her weight lost tips..
    she should have given her few of styling tips as well.

    Madhuri.. if you are visitng HH.. please call your friend divya

  4. Sometimes I have nightmares where I have turned up to a movie event dressed like this – then I wake up – however for Divya my nightmares are her reality. Where to start – the cheap fabric – the lack of a bra to reign those puppies in…

    Worst of all is those sandals – what in the name of all that is precious are those????? – there are no redeeming features to this outfit Divya may well look pleased with herself in the picture but someone needs to guide this lady to a mirror and soon.

  5. …HA no…
    I will gladly sit down with her and talk about flattering necklines, materials, innerware and DRESSES if we never have to see her like this again
    …I should be a stylist :)

  6. her twin appendages are a bit too big for a strapless dress like this. The dress also should have been full lenght, would have covered the shoes….eyesore..pretty girl, needs to sack the stylist who put this ensemble together…

  7. Rubywoo : LOL !

    Those shoes must be banned. No body should wear them…I dont think it can look flattering on anybody.
    Rest…ROFL !!!!

  8. Divya was my senior in school and college. Belive me guys, She’s come a ……….looooooooooooooooonggggggggggggg way to look like this. I give her the credit for that. I actually had to be taken to ER for a heart stroke when I came to know that she’s been selected in the ABCL academy . The other people selected were Sonali Bendre, Arshad Warsi, Simran . I will get the pictures next time I go back home.
    Her confidence has taken her places , coming from a small town with no looks and style, she has come this far. I wish all the best to her and hope she handles her dressing the similar way.


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