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This dress seems to pop up everywhere and in every color just like its variation! Latest to sport it is Katrina in a maroon version for a TOI photoshoot.

P.S. I have searched far and wide and can’t find it. Have you?

priyanka_shobha_asar.jpg priyanka_shobha.jpg katrina_toi_ditto.jpg


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  1. The color is indeed lovely. As to being unable to find the designer of this dress, maybe it was made by some one in the movie costume design fraternity …..after all we saw them in god knows what all crazy colours (most of them shiny) and were worn by aspiring stars ….

  2. Don’t like the blue of PC’s, and hate the way it fits her too… one of the yuckiest things i’ve seen her in.

    Katrina looks awsome!


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