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Narmada @ IIFA Awards 2008
Urmila @ Satish Kaushik Party/”Karzz” Sets

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  1. i was waiting to see dis no. here , still cudn gt it it tht y at satish kaushik’s b’day urmila was so badly over-dressed……wid al dat red n tht make-up i fear she looks like a woman of low virtues tht wud smell of cheap perfume too if one got ny closer~

  2. jen,
    Well, the main reason for not posting this earlier was because she wore the gown as part of a shoot..(during the shoot, they cut a cake for Satish) and as we mentioned in the vidya post..clothes that are part of a shoot just have to be all out there, including makeup..

  3. ok makeup is garish for urmila…but from ur posting above payal…its all cool coz it’s a shoot. lol i guess when i read “karzz sets” it didnt ring a bell. hehe

    the dress looks better on urmila coz of her figure

  4. Why should she get married? Maybe she enjoys being single. And only Aunties pressure people to get married, as they have nothing better to do *rolls eyes*


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