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Wearing a Michelle Mason silk maxi with Intoto sandals, Disha helped unveil her mobile app in Mumbai today. The maxi may have felt more like sleepwear but it was one she sure looked good in. I do have a weakness for emerald green and hence the love.

Disha Patani at App Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks freaking gorgeous. Also FYI the slinky, lingerie inspired thing is huuuuge everywhere and I’m so on board ;). I point this out because previous people commenting have been annoyed at people wearing things that mix lace and silks because they look like sleepwear but really its 100% on point and I think done right, can look amazing!

  2. felt like a sleepwear? is this a fashion blog or some amateur commenting place for teeny boppers?She is ON trend, all the IT girls right now have rocked this kinda look in the last 3 months, top of my head, Kendall Jenner

      • Most of us sleep wearing an old tshirt and 100rs pyjamas …how is this sleepwear? if you’re talking about the satin, from what i remmber from those regressive “feminine” ads, they’re usually shorter, with lace detailing…gee how women are expected to go to sleep??what next?a fully decked out aunty at wedding looks like she’s going to bed coz thats how tulsi/parvita goes to bed?

  3. She looks good. With that kind of a face & body, most outfits will look helluva good. Also agree with Hansini on the youth part. Many outfits work on girls like Disha, Kiara & Alia because of their youthfulness/fresh face.


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