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Disha helped inaugurate a skincare clinic in Mumbai on Sunday wearing a skin colored tank dress with tan sandals and a gold Gucci bag.

The Kardashian inspiration aside, while the dress sure hugged Disha’s curves well, overall, it still looked so meh on her. She needed better sandals to up the ante.

Disha Patani at Assure Event

Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This girl has it all, now all she needs is to find a clear style niche.
    And edit her looks. Like in this outfit, the bag is so superfluous. Why is it there?
    Hair, makeup and footwear are generic.
    She could do much better!

    • I thought her style teetered between bizarre and bland because she doesn’t have a stylist and dresses herself (because most of her clothes are rather unusual)…kind of shocked to read that Tanya Gharvi is her stylist…

  2. She’s sooooooo so so boring … till now I have never ever liked anything that she wears .. her styles r pretty tacky !!
    When u have the body but no style
    Yawn !!


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