When A Martini Does The Talking

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We aren’t really hallucinating how similar that gown looks to a sari worn the Gujarati way, are we, are we? That martini couldn’t have been that strong! ;)

leona_lewis-1.jpg leona_lewis-2.jpg

Leona Lewis


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  1. :) it does look like the sari, (but only now that you say it) and like bharti pointed out, the ‘fall’ part is so true! but Leona looks absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Hey it does have a “fall” stitched on it.. by the way she looks fab… even if she wears something bad, i’ll always say she looks good cz im a little partial towards her :D

  3. I like it..it has a very ethereal quality to it…very Grecian. I would wear that..it’s so feminine. She looks good in it.

  4. I like the floral print and the ‘summery’ color. She wears it so well. And yes, the bottom half definitely looks like sari worn in gujrati style.

  5. LOVE Leona Lewis…she’s so pretty
    I like the dress…esp. in this lighting with her hair…she looks like a summer faiy (as corny as that sounds)
    Happy Birthday Payal!


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