Diana on Vogue:(Un)Covered

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Diana features on her first Vogue cover wearing a black Pucci dress. You like?

Left: Emilio Pucci, Spring 2012
Right: Diana Penty on Vogue India Jul 2012

Photo Credit: Style

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  1. The earrings are so inappropriate for this outfit, bad styling. She is no doubt very beautiful but this photo does not look like her, do love the dress

  2. Love the dress . Yes, the dress looks better with the wind and all. But I don’t like her earring or the cuff she is wearing, not to mention the evidently photoshopped cleavage . I don’t like the cover. She could have done better.

  3. no i do not like! they photo shopped the a** out of her, and why!?! she is such a pretty woman. neither do i like the dress nor the earrings… this is such a blah cover. nothing special and they had diana penty, they could’ve done SO much!

  4. Having bought that issue at the airport…first thing that struck my mind was tacky earrings and that outfit is beautiful but she doesn’t know how to work it…just seems to be hanging on her with no effect!!!


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