In Urvashi Kaur

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While it was a Manish Malhotra on the red carpet, the press conference prior to it saw Ms. Mirza in a tie-dye Urvashi Kaur. We don’t have full-lengths but don’t quite need ’em. She looked great.


Left: Urvashi Kaur
Right: Dia Mirza at SAIFTA 2013 Press Conference

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. wow…she looks gorgeous. Love how well that necklace goes with the rest of the look. I so hope the footwear is not a downer & she has chosen some elegant sandals :)

  2. With a face, hair and smile like that, we’d all look great. She is sooo gorgeous that I didn’t even bother to look below her neck.
    p.s. Actually I did bother and the outfit is meah!


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