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There’s got to be some perks to walking the runway for a designer? Right? Right? Yep, that is a fresh off the runway gown, the same show where Ms. Mirza was a showstopper.

Perks aside, wish we had a full-length and better close-ups, because the jewellery makes for a lovely contrast against the white gown.

Left: Rocky S at Amby Valley India Bridal Week 2010
Right: Dia Mirza At GIMA 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • all that holding true. she still manages to look boring with absolutely no personality.
      Other than the red/wine waist band that looks costumy the dress is nice.

      • How true is that now… Fabulous but mere show piece. Always a cutesy pie, no personality whatsoever…
        She’s quite boring to look at times, yawn…

    • Exactly. She is one girl that’ll age gracefully, without trying to resort to desperate measures tolook young. She knows her strengths and works it to the hilt.

  1. So pretty. Love the hairstyle. So elegant.
    Even with the plunging neckline she looks demure and dainty.
    Don’t care much for the dress as such but she works it as always.

  2. Plz……….dont criticise just fr d heck of it…….She luks radiant & very classy…Plus the gown too supports dt kind of luk….It isnt daring at all….In short she is elegance personified here!!!!

  3. As much as i love diya and her impeccable style I wish she would surprise everyone for once…i feel like there is never any element of risk in what she wears. It’s always one pretty dress after another…

    in comparison I’d give more points to manasi scott – though that dress was not right with the motorcycle jacket – at least she tried?!

  4. She may not take chances or try to one-up anyone in fashion department but she knows what works for her. We have seen that time and again, that wearing what suits you, is not as simple as it seems.

    She is predictable, but predictably good.

  5. i love how she changes up her hair unlike other celebrities on this blog. And pairing a heavy necklace like that with the red waist ribbon could have gone overboard or many others but on her its perfect, elegant, class, grace and what not..


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