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Three very different saris but, it was Deepti who stole the show for us. We thought she looked great!

Wonder why saris like the one on Ms. Naval are more often than not deemed mature and, rarely ever attempted by the younger lot who seem to favor only the diaphanous embellished ones. Oh how we’d love to see some of the B-Town ladies attempt a more earthy look in a sari one of these days!

Left: Deepti Naval At Her Book Launch
Right: Queenie Singh and Preeti Jhangiani at Rajiv Shukla Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more P&P. Coming from Bangalore I see a lot of young and hip women from the South wearing sarees like what Deepti is wearing and wearing then well.

  2. I have never agreed more with your comments PnP !
    Wish the younger girls would wear earthy sarees and not just the blingy netty manish malhotra types !

  3. Tell me about it. I still remember Kareena in her gorgeous black handloom (chanderi?) sari looking positively luminous, around the time she was promoting 3 Idiots. I wish designers would make a conscious effort also to support good handwoven fabric and traditional technique instead of the flammable synthetic over-priced crap you see everywhere nowadays. And I guess we have Manish Malhotra, Karan Johar and Bollywood to thank for the popularity of these blinged-out monstrosities.

    • Wow that black and gold chanderi saree was a dreamy saree. And Kareena looked stunningly gorgoeus in it. Here Deepti Naval shows that you can look beautiful in middle age too without showing skin like Queenie, in a decent saree.

  4. I live in london and don’t really get it…can someone tell me who queenie singh actually is? All I know of her is from this blog…infact she is the only person on the blog who’s career I have nooo idea about.
    That said, deepti should wear preetis sari, queenie should wear deeptis and preeti should wear queenies!

  5. Well, that’s the difference between being your own woman and following the crowd. There are women like Deepti and then there are Queenies and Preetis.. Takes all kinds to make up this beautiful planet you see. :-P

    So happy to see Deepti back and am rushing to buy the Mad Tibetan…

  6. I think Queenie looks pretty nice. I like her sari and accessories. Glad that she has finally changed her hair style. Deepti looks nice too, but I would have worn my hair differently,

  7. Deepti is in a class of her own, the other two cannot even try to come close.

    I am worried that even in the south the gorgeous silk handlooms are slowly being traded in for chiffons. There are silks that even highlight your curves.
    I hope to own a handloom saree from every region of India. Such a priceless collection that would be :)

  8. Deepti’s is such a beautiful sari! Glad that there are many takers here on HHC itself.
    She could have skipped that neckpiece though, the gorgeous border does not need it.
    She looks very classy!


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