Deepika For Ranna Gill and Rina Dhaka

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After walking at the Delhi Fashion Week for Tarun Tahiliani, Deepika also walked for Ranna Gill and Rina Dhaka at the WLIFW. We loved her in the Ranna number. The Rina one, not so much…


P.S. Ranna and Rina had a combined show for Fiama Di Wills and that’s why Deepika has the same look for both.


Deepika Padukone For Ranna Gill (L) and For Rina Dhaka (R)


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  1. really?? i love her in Rina’s dress so much more! its so unique and the white looks pretty against her skin.
    i dont like the color scheme of ranna’s dress. i heart the necklace though!

  2. OMG she looks so good in Rana Gill dress. There’s a very understated and subtle vibe about Deepika in both of these outfits, especially in the magenta/fuscia dress.

  3. i’m not a big deepika fan, but i admit that she does look great in both looks..maybe she can wear some of these designers for her next premiere instead of the looks she subjected us to in the chandni chowk to china ones…

  4. Deepika..where are your designer friends when you make public appearances??
    She needs to cosy up to these 2..they make her look so good.

  5. LOVE them both!
    she’s so gook looking, really
    girl crush is slowly commingback (it’s hard to erase memories of that attrocious TT dress witht he fur sole)

  6. wow!!! only she looks beautiful!!!….the first outfit is nice……love her hairstyle!…the second outfit proves she can carry off anything.

  7. I agree I think she should have stuck to modelling for a bit.. I mean I think she could have gone BIG through modelling..internationally. Look how stunning she looks!!!!!! It’s crazy she looks soo good in these outfits. She could have started acting when she was in her mid twenties..isn’t she supposedly only like 22 or something?


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