Deepika in Vogue India: (Un)Covered

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Vogue India is back again with its denim special issue featuring their other favorite cover model, Deepika. (Yep, it’s a third time for Ms. Padukone on the cover like Ms. Kaif)

We think she looks nice… who knew denim dungarees could be made to look good? As long as it stays in a magazine and we suddenly don’t see a hurricane of women in white tees and dungarees. Not a flashback we need.

P.S. Deepika wears a dungaree top with shorts instead of an actual dungaree.


Left: Jean Paul Gaultier for Levi’s
Right: Deepika Padukone for Vogue India


D&G Denim Shirt with Fendi Dress

Photo Credit: Vogue

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  1. I know there is going to significant deepika bashing…but seriously, I still think she is drop dead gorgeous…the thing about deepika is that she can make jeans and t-shirt look hot with minimalistic make-up…
    she looks stunning on the cover…I luv her stance, her expression, the make-up, the grunge hair…I’m so envious of her figure, and perfect perfect legs…but all said, that dungaree outfit is not easy to carry off for regular people…I know I’ll end up looking like 5 yr old if i tried to pull that off…

  2. At first glimpse I honestly thought that was PC in the top right pic before I read the blurb. Not sure how much of a compliment that is for Deepika. Never got what’s so great about her and seems never will either.

    • yep i thought she looked like PC too. her face has been sooo photoshopped. cant figure out why they’d do that to someone this pretty anyway

    • I totally agree with you – she look so much like PC on the cover – i prefer the inside page to the cover tho – the cover is not very ‘Vogue’ more like a teen magazine cover to me

  3. No doubt she will always look amazing. I just feel Vogue India should’ve picked a new face for their covers. They keep recycling the same bollywood actresses!

  4. Thats the sexiest I have seen Deepika look in a while. She looks hot on the cover and that outfit looks great on her. I like the fendi dress.

  5. ya i dont think anyone is trying to disagree with her fans that she is pretty but its her lack of style and the way everything on her looks so dull is what bothers me. im a bit disappointed with the vogue cover.

  6. She is absolutely stunning!!! A certain Ms. Kaif is nothing compared to her!!! She has the most gorgeous face in bollywood! you can put anything on her, and she will look beyond good!!

  7. I think that you guys should mention about the temporary original Chanel Tattoo on Deepika Padukone’s wrist. Chanel has come out with it , and it is so great that it last for days ( maybe even weeks ).

  8. I don’t know if Deepika is one of Vogue India’s favorite but do know that it is a good marketing tactic for Vogue to put Deepika on the cover this month since her movie is coming out in three days ?

  9. LoL you guys call this a minimal make-up look, yeah maybe when compared to Rakhi Sawant….this cover and the shoot is more like a wannabe Vogue cover and photoshoot, Vogue India needs to improve big time!

  10. I don’t really understand why Vogue India has a (annual) denim issue. Its not the high fashion it should be equated with – regardless of who designs it.

  11. she looks good….. P&P…. PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS.. can you compare this look of deepika’s to Illeana’s short dungaree look from the telugu movie KICK…. ? PLEASEEEE
    Me thinks Illeana carries it off in a much cooler fashion than Deepika.

  12. oh no. deepika so cant carry off the funky mean look !
    And the hair makes her pretty face look boxy.

    Could have been so much better.


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