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After a very traditional look this past week, Deepika complete changed it up wearing an emerald green shimmery pantsuit by Monisha Jaising to the MAMI closing night. A sleek hairdo, smoky eyes and Saint Laurent earrings finished out her look.

Me, I loved the suit on her at first glance. Having said that though, I wish she’d worn a light coral lipstick with the suit. The makeup just looked too heavy with the nude lip.

Did you love the look as is?

Deepika Padukone at MAMI Mumbai Film Festival Closing Night

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I so want to like it but she looks like she’s impersonating Elvis Presley. Too much hanging out with Ranveer Singh maybe? The hair, makeup and earrings cross over to costume category.

  2. loved the suit, wish i coud see a model presentation. she spoilt it with the make up, hair and earrings. somebody else could have let the suit talk with its color… thats all it needed.

  3. Did she wear this as a dare? It looks like it’s made from wrapping paper. The fitting of the flares is off and the whole Christmas tree look is just terrible. The makeup should have looked refreshing or glamorous but instead just washes her out … not that it has any chance against that outfit.
    Please fire your stylist !

      • Ikr. It is one thing to not put a celeb in good clothes and another thing to put them in clothes so freaking ugly that it tarnishes their image. Where is the Deepika dressed in beautiful colours, long, flowy anarkalies,mesmerising sarees, soft make-up and hair do?

  4. Dear Shaleena – You have Deepika’s body and face as your canvas to work on and this is what you come up with??! Do the right thing and just hand in your resignation now!

  5. even a face and body like hers cannot salvage the horror that is this outfit. she needs to fire her stylist — she is sabotaging her client.

  6. Kudos – Deepika had the courage to show up in public like this?? Not sure who’s serving the coolade – her stylist or Ranveer , but it needs to stop!
    What a disaster on such a beautiful girl who normally doesn’t need a lot to look great.

  7. leprechaun alert! seriously, much as I love Deepika, this is OTT in a very different way to the Diwali OTTness. even then, gotta admire her chutzpah — she doesn’t look uncomfortable or even overwhelmed.

    • Chutzpah?? She looks like she was bitten by a green viper and the blood has all but drained from her face- the makeup is pasty and has washed her out completely!`

  8. Can someone please explain the black fabric in Deepika’s ghoomar lehenga? Is it the tail end of the dupatta / sari or a separate piece of fabric. what is the purpose and why black?
    Thank you


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