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At an event on Friday where she received an award by the Italian Consulate, Deepika was seen wearing a striped red sari paired with a black full-sleeve blouse and a white tiger crest belt, all from Sabyasachi.

In theory, I should love this right away. I do love the sari and I love that belt. But, something was amiss and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think considering the full sleeved blouse, the sari didn’t really need the belt as well.

What say you? Love it as is?

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She used to look so fresh and gorgeous in that high messy deconstructed bun she used to do years ago. Now it’s all about the slicked down hair and low bun which does absolutely nothing for her (or anyone, really).

  2. I do not understand Deepika/her stylists latest obsession with Sabya and tight pulled back hairstyle.
    It is now getting tedious even with her gorgeous face to see such repetitive looks.

  3. Deepika Padukone is stunning at her DNA level. However all her ‘looks’ lack fluidity. From hair to hips… everything always looks starched and stiff. Not a bad thing but inherently the eyes likes ‘movement’. She somehow freezes things up. Maybe it’s always too perfect.

  4. It’s probably the hair and that blouse that doesn’t go with the red and white combo. She needs to try a different hairdo ASAP. This one is repetitive and ages her as well.

  5. She looks like she has draped my country flag (Malaysia) around her.. What a mess! I know she’s Sabya’s new muse but it’s overdose of Sabya already.

  6. what’s missing is the hair. I miss Deepika from her Veronica days…carefree and glamorous. Now it’s all prim n proper n boring. And the pulled back hair is doing nothing to her gorgeous face and features.

  7. gawd looks like in india there just two designers …sabyasacchi ,manish malhotra and everybody looks the same…i am so over sabyasacchi i do get his signature style but its everywhere…it is kinda causing fashion fatigue …p.s the belt in black would have looked better by breaking monotony…white just blending with it

  8. Is there some kind of pressure on these ladies to don a Sabhya outfit at every event possible or does wearing his outfits prove a point somehow, I wonder.. seems to hv turned into an obsession in B’wood

  9. Lol…seems she draped the sari after trying out a black blingy one but forgot to change blouse !! Maybe the first DP looks in sari am disliking…the belt is another story

  10. This is how a local sariwala drapes a sari on you! No matter what jeans and top you are wearing, he puts it over that. And wait, there’s a belt too to hold the sari!

  11. That is one hideous sari. The candy cane print is awful. Why does she even a hairstylist if all they do is pull her hair back into a tight bun? Anyone can do it for free. Shaleena is particularly talented to make a pretty model figure like DP’s look this ugly.

  12. The silver sequence fabric – and white belt tooo much !! Instead a plain black blouse and black belt would be much more cohesive. You don’t have to showcase every element in every look. Over styled! -((

  13. What the efff man! Why is she doing this to herself?! I recently came accross Deepika pix from cocktail.. boy! That was the best she has ever looked!!!!! She looks so dated & not confident & definitely not the wild child gorgeous! :((

  14. The hair .. its the hair that ruin this look for me!
    Would have loved to see her hair down .. beach waves or a regular blowout.. It would have given the look some fluidity!
    As is, this is too frigid and severe.
    Agree with SS above..her cocktail days was the best she has ever looked.
    Shaleena as a stylist does nothing for her .. Most of the times it is Deepika’s inherent gorgeousness that saves the looks.


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