Wedding Festivities

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Doing black, white and red that included a Saint Laurent De Jour mini bag, Deepika headed out to Bangalore on Thursday evening to attended the a pre-wedding ceremony which saw her in a Sabyasachi.

Taking bets on whether she will be in Sabyasachi at all events or just some of them. :P

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

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  1. She looks great in orange and very happy but must admit don’t actually think much of the suit: I can’t see what’s designer about it. With all of these celeb weddings Sabya is laughing all the way to the bank!!

  2. Am I the only one not bowled over by that orange suit ? It’s pretty but just so ordinary. Hoping for better outfits soon . Loving her smile and excitement though

    • Contrarily that’s actually the good part of this dress.. it’s a simple loose fitted neat one with high neck and mid lngth sleeves.. like the 90s styles we have seen. Made for a good viewing after all the Anarkali/ wannabe sharara/ shimmery heavy suits that are everywhere now. Kind of bringing back elegance.

  3. I can’t look beyond her skin tone in second set of pics…almost like Alia n Kareena. It’s not just the face but arms n feet looking equally light. So much of difference in what DP was when she just entered the industry n what she is now. What kind of skin lightening procedure do they opt for? Asking out of curiosity!

    • Her natural skin tone is visible in the photos in the orange suit. The flash lights make her look whiter. Also my arms are much lighter than my face

  4. How I love those earrings…talk about letting the jewelry do the talking ! They seem to be heavy as heck, but so totally worth it (I think).
    The suit is simple…but thats the beauty of Sabya. There’s such subtle elegance in simplicity . Looks to be cotton sil …love that he uses local weaves and textures. Hoping she does Sabya through and through!

  5. Gorgeous, beautiful and radiant. Deepika looks soooo happy (*touchwood*)! Really love the color on her – the piece is simple, yet perfect. Those earrings, WOW! Can’t wait to see all the wedding pics!

  6. That s sandhya shekar her make up artist
    So glad she will be doing her make fr the wedding ( sandhya does minimalistic make up ) so hopefully no overdone eyebrows?
    But unfortunately gabriel is soing her hair who does her chipku hair routine ?

      • I dislike namrata soni for tat reason .. I feel sonam s make up is overdone because her MUA believes in over doing everything
        I see her instagram and regret visiting it everytime
        and looks like my smileys get translated to question mark :D

  7. Payal are you able to ID those earrings by any chance??? really want to know who those earrings are by. they are stunning. She really does looks stunning and happy.

    As an aside, I think it is the flash and the lights that make her look a lot lighter in photos/movies. I genuinely think its the good skincare, nutrition, religious sun protection and plastic surgeon-grade resurfacing treatments that just make the skin have less inflammation, remove unwanted pigmentation and thus lighter. I really don’t think any of those things done by any celebrity or even a skin conscious women do is necessarily to get lighter as much as it is to protect the integrity of their skin and look fresh. I noticed the same change in my skintone without any bleaching just by taking care of it a lot.

  8. She looks gorgeous..but the suit has nothing designer about it and as always underwhelmed by the hair. Shaleena also seems prefer a tight bun as I can see from the pics. Her hairstylist was right there with them..I wonder why she pays her hairstylist at all. Anyone can do that oily bun by closing their eyes. It is no justice to her beauty.


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