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I am a sucker for hot pink and when presented in a simple design that lets the color speak, it is an automatic love. The hair on Deepika though is way too blah.

Deepika Padukone on Kaun Banega Crorepati 4

Photo Credit: Twitter, FilmyFriday, Facebook

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  1. I’m so over Deepika. Her look at all these recent appearances is so unattractive. I mean, the amount of times she’s photographed, you’d think that her ppl would tell her that her eyebrows are wayyyy too harsh! The little bindi and the oily skin just aren’t working for her.
    really, someone, send her a memo!

  2. That doesnt even look like a MAsaba creation .. she could have surely picked a more fun, quirky number, but Deepika is way boring with her outfits … and I just do not understand why she pulls back her hair when she does Indian wear.. every single time!

  3. So whenever I look at Deepika it always reminds me of someone… especially the eyebrows. I finally figured it out! She looks like Mr. Spock from Star Trek!

  4. That’s it! she needs a stylist. Why does she insist on wearing loud clown colors(almost always with indian dresses) with that gawd-awful dirt lipstain, caterpillar eyebrows n yet a simple boring hairdo?

  5. The outfit is preettii and the colour but deepika makes it look totaly BLah Blah Blah…
    whyy?? she could have easily made it POP!
    the colour’s doin 90% of the work anyways

  6. Love a tiny bindi & a pink suit combination myself. But this one is certainly not Deepika’s best look, but if I had to choose b/w this and the MM clad Priyanka in the earlier post, I will certainly go for this.

  7. Thats a lot of hate for such a pretty girl looking beautifully Indian… I love that when she does Indian it looks normal and not overly styled… you can connect. Sonam eg, fab stylist, but always looks like shes on a shoot.

  8. She needs to go thinner on the brows pronto!! It looks too heavy on her soft face. Her skin glows but i guess its coz of the oil on her face! Whoever hasnt heard of oil control makeup. I love Deepika but I’m so over her thrusting-the-chest-forward pose!

    • I’m dark-skinned and I grew up hearing these kind of biased comments all my life.

      Abroad, where dark-skin is not looked down upon, it’s acknowledged that bright colours look good on dark complexions.

      I say, dress according to how you feel and your attitude to life, not according to your skin colour. Darkskinned people don’t have to restrict themselves to pastels!!

      • @ Such: To me, Malti didnt sound biased .. If she thinks light and pastel colours would complement darker skin color more, then let her say it. She never said dark skin is unattractive or anything.

        P.s: I agree with such about the bright colors look good on darker complexion.

        In this case, something is off about deepika’s look though. And this color is too loud


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