In Ibella By Ramona Narang

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Eeeks. Looks like we have ourselves a Seeing Double edition! The silver creation is an Ibella by Ramona Narang. Thanks “Chanellover” and “Pooja”, we had our doubts seeing the ball hanging but didn’t really thing someone would make such a blatant copy.
After having multiple sightings of this Halston Heritage lamé gown in gold, we spotted it’s silver version on Deepika! You like?

Catch this dress on Sonam Kapoor here and on Michelle Poonawala here!

Deepika Padukone At Kingfisher Calendar Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. YESS!!!! finally she got it right!!!

    the hair the makeup the dress everything!! I love the silver version compared to gold..its stunning. I am also glad she ditched the eyebrow pencil :) this girl is gorgeous..the right makeup definitely enhanced her natural features 100x and made her look so much younger

  2. she sort of looks like the statue of liberty. and i think its very very weird that she picks the same dress as sonam. sonam wore this for koffee with karan right?

  3. You know sometimes when i see a repeat of some dress on celebrities i like to give them the benefit of the doubt that they might not have been aware of the dress being already worn.

    But unfortunately Deepika was sitting right next to sonam in this gown , how the hell did she miss it. and why would you take on the same dress when there is a world of gorgeous dresses out there for you to pick.

    No offense to deepika fans, this is my personal opinion.

    p.s. having said that, i dont like it on could totally be coz of other reasons rather than style itself.

  4. why is that Deepika always seems to wear something that Sonam has already worn before?

    It can’t be coincidence as this has been done in many occasions.Maybe its her way of saying ‘hey,I can make it work better’

  5. She has NO original style. This is blatant copying fron Sonam. Anyways, this is WAY better in the gold and Sonam wore it way better…make-up and hair and everything. Deepika looks washed out.

  6. Oh GOD!! this is what happens when all our bored society women become “designers” …how can she soooo blatantly copy the design. even the fabric is the same but in a diff colour, Ridiculous!!!

  7. why the hardened expression – she needs to soften her face a bit (a la Katrina), to come across as feminine . anyway, she reminds me of Xena – the warrior princess a lot these days


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