In Ayesha Depala

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Ms. Padukone attended a promotional event In Dubai for her movie “Break Ke Baad” wearing a hot pink Ayesha Depala gown. Unfortunately, since there are no full-length pics, below is a picture of Ayesha herself wearing the gown at a wedding.

Left: Ayesha Depala
Right: Deepika Padukone at Break Ke Baad Screening Dubai

Photo Credit: Masala, RedVelvetNationa

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  1. as much as i think that deepika would probably be stunning even in a potato sack, this look is getting a bit repetitive. pulled back hair, princess drop earing and a sleeveless gown.
    i wish she would pick something more fun and out of the box.

  2. When is she coming out of her “forever brown” phase and try something more neutral…instead of blending with the scenery and adding to the look that lip colour seems to be claiming a territory of its own…


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