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Deepika unveiled her wax figure at the London Madame Tussauds on Thursday wearing an Alberta Ferretti white ensemble and while she looked great in it, the black footwear felt a lil’ jarring against the white.

That was not the highlight of the day for her. The actor also features in the April cover of Vogue US wearing an Oscar De La Renta.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Somehow i felt the Alberta outfit din’t fit her well… seemed to be hanging on her. Loved her on the vogue cover. Much airbrush am sure but Her complexion is brought out beautifully by the dress.
    PS: her wax statue is SO like her. Other celebs haven’t been so lucky. They end up looking cruel somehow !

    • deepika’s wax statue looks strikingly similar to her , in fact it looks so real !
      Whereas other Indian celebs , it was an epic fail(sorry for being harsh!)
      I wonder if it was because she has such sharp feature and therefore it is easy to replicate in wax.

  2. Deepika is probably one of the ones whose wax figure looks so good! It really does look like her. Other celebs haven’t been so lucky.

    I didn’t like her white outfit at all. It’s so big and ill-fitting.

  3. Such a boring and insipid Vogue cover! They have 14 fantastic-looking women, each from vibrant cultures, and they mash them into this beige, oatmeal porridge of a spread- don’t see any creativity in it at all. Not to forget, the WASP-y Scarlet Johanssen is still front and centre…

    • So true. it the most boring cover ever- i don’t even understand how is fitting with the whole theme of ‘global talent’. It is more like ‘bridesmaid’. blah!

    • Though I have to agree about the beige-ness of it all ( really wish there was more colour)- It IS American Vogue and SJ is representing America so what exactly is the problem with her being “ front and centre”?

      • I don’t think in this day and age, that a white person *has* to represent the US in order for a mag to sell there! I understand if it is PR for a movie, but then, they shouldn’t mix it up with a “diversity” issue.

      • Exactly, and would nt in the comment on SJ being white and therefore not being eligible to be in the centre itself amount to distinction on race. Not to mention she has been in the profession much longer and is a star of true international recoginition thanks to avengers. So thats just simple placing of people. One does not need to appear to be non racist by intentionally not giving preference to white people .. lol thats ironical in itself

    • Well, it is the US edition and they still have sell copies in the US. So maybe its good marketing to have Johanssen (who has an upcoming movie release) in the center?

  4. The wax figure looks so real that it’s almost difficult to tell which one’s the real her in that pic. Great job by them!! And I’m glad her skin color on the cover looks closer to what it is…

  5. She looks amazing despite the very loose-fitting white ensemble. How pretty does she look up close even with tied up hair!
    The wax statue is such a major improvement over the rest.
    I love the Vogue cover basically because she doesn’t look whitewashed and her natural skin tone looks so so amazing. Compared to the pale-r others, Deepika stands out. Love

  6. I loved the statue but the Vogue cover was such a disappointment. Deepika can do so much better than that. The dress was boring (at least from what was visible), her makeup washed her out and she looks like an extra next to SJ, not the strong, striking and photogenic person she can be. Major let down. I don’t know who styled her for the cover shoot, but this was a disaster. She is constantly done in by her stylist, just like Ash in most of her international appearances or Madhuri post her comeback. It seems only Anushka’s stylist is consistently delivering great looks these days. DP needs a new stylist, pronto. And NOT Sabyasachi with his oily sleek buns!

  7. The wax statue is perfect! The Ferretti outfit looked better in the live feed than in these pictures. I think fuchsia shoes would have worked better than these black ones.

    As for the Vogue cover, of course she’s put on the side, with the wrong pose and washed out make-up. Scar Jo was always going to be the focus. As long as her shot was good, they didn’t really care about anyone else.


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