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Deepika, who also performed at the Screen Awards, walked the red carpet wearing an Alexander McQueen gown. I normally don’t do Hollywood comparisons, but having seen this gown worn so fabulously by Kate Hudson (see below), it was a bit of a disappointment to see how Deepika was styled. Neither the hair nor the maroon lips were working.

Thankfully, though, there are plenty more award shows coming up and here’s hoping she does a quick turnaround.


Deepika Padukone At Screen Awards 2014


Kate Hudson at Golden Globe Awards 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Now that I have seen the comparison, Deepika and her stylist could have done better. The high gold collar is strangling me! The hair and lips aren’t a downer, they just don’t work with the dress.

  2. You are right P & P, there’s something off about the look maybe the color black that looked so rich on Kate and not on Deepika! Personally, I feel Deepika should have finished the look with that belt, she would look better with belts…this one or Naeem Khan gown she wore before did not work on her as there was nothing to break the monotony around her waist..that said here’s hoping better sightings from her..also why an old look from an international designer when she can get first hand looks from Indian designers?…

  3. This look reminds me of Shruti Hassan and Shamita Shetty in a very similar Shantanu and Nikhil gown and Sonam Kapoor’s unforgettable Alexander McQueen appearance at the Vogue Beauty Awards 2013…

    Kate Hudson is styled impeccably: this gown is extravagant enough to only need a minimalist accessorizing. Unlike Deepika, who got it wrong with the addition of adds-too-much-gold-to-the-look earrings, the fashion faux pas of visible heavy black pumps under a regal hemline, and the dead-red lipstick and matching nails, a color that theoretically works with black-and-gold but just looks WRONG for this look when compared to Kate Hudson’s nude makeup.

    Just want to end by saying that Deepika Padukone is a stunning woman but she needs to utilize the occasional clutch ;-).

  4. Personally i think its a ugly gown especially because of that hideous neckline. If someone with a long neck like Deepika cant make it work, then who can.
    On kate, the gold embroidery blends in with the hair. And the look stands out because of the belt.

  5. Agree with you that DP’s styling is lacking in so many ways. A soft romantic updo and nude lips would have been my pick for this gown. Oh yes, and a clutch doesn’t hurt either.

  6. I guess the hair and the lips could have worked if she had skipped the earrings.
    I also think the length is a tad short. Don’t really like the shoes peeing out.

  7. Kate looks amazing!! After looking at her, I’m so disappointed with deepika’s look. She usually makes so many loosk work on her, but this is a fail :(

  8. after a series of fugly anarkalis and gowns and clothes that ought to have been burnt rather than being worn on the red carpet – i quite like this outfit. 7/10.

  9. It seems like Deepika is feeling very uncomfortable in that dress. Looks like the collar is chocking her. For me, her hair is a downer.

    P.S First glance I thought Kate was Blake Lively. :P

  10. I absolutely don’t like it when Deepika does severe hair … add to that the overly arched eyebrows.. and allof her charm is lost .. for me .. my most major gripe with Deepika !! I mean, how hard is it to style and dress someone as fabulous as her. .. with amazing height, figure, face, complexion, hair??
    This look could have been saved in so many ways:
    – lose those damn earrings .. they look cheap with that McQueen dress
    – change of lip color to a coral / light pink / rose / berry shade
    – flowy , wavy hair or a messy bun …
    How difficult is this ??
    Also, she needs to stop back-combing her hair ALL-THE-FREAKING-TIME !!!

  11. Agree P&P – Kate Hudson worked it beautifully! love how deepika works the fashion arena, and hope she keeps upping it and not run into a monotonous rut like with this look… in fact i would say it should be a reminder to her stylists, as supposedly she does have some high profile stylists working for her.


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