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We first spotted this Shantanu and Nikhil dress on Dia Mirza for her ‘Acid Factory’ promotional shoot/press and now Deepika has been styled in the same dress for her shoot in ‘Cosmopolitan’… Who do you like it more on? In either case, Deepika does look a lot better here than she did on the cover!


Left: Dia Mirza For ‘Acid Factory’
Right: Deepika Padukone For ‘Cosmopolitan’

Also in the shoot, we noticed Deepika holding up a Leiber clutch, one which happens to have been previously spotted on Shilpa Shetty


Deepika Padukone For ‘Cosmo’ (With The Leiber Clutch)

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  1. it looks better on dia!

    Deepika definetly looks better than her previous mag pics, but in the frist one she looks like she has an alice band on.
    also her eyes look like they have big bags under them, the whole lighting/showdows on her face in wrong, don’t like it.
    the pose and dress is nice, like the dangling bead string.

  2. i assume these photos were taken off the magazine prints. i suggest that flash be avoided, b’cos it reflects off the glossy page, resulting in the bleached look…

  3. I like Deepika more even though she looks unwell. Dia’s look is very forced. The garter belt peeking through is such a I-am-trying-so-hard-to-be-sexy thing.

  4. Are you guys taking pictures from inside the magazines and posting them? This and the earlier ones of Posh Beckham? You do know this amounts to plagiarism, don’t you?

  5. why does deepika always hav dark circles…lik all thru bah she lookd ill.,…..and dia is susually v beautiful…..something looks off in this pic…

  6. both are so stunning in person, its difficult to imagine any dress looking bad on them, but in this case the styling for Deepika’s dress is different, more subtle and understated….and Dia’s is more femme fatale…and it shows….I think both look good

  7. P

    We know what you are saying but you’ve got to realize unlike other sites we always clearly mention our sources. We don’t claim these images as our own, we credit the original source! And the lack of advertising on this site should tell you that we make no money at all, do not use them in any commercial manner; they are purely for editorial and commenting purposes.

    They are images that we buy (the posts where there are no ‘sources’ mentioned) and all other posts credit their original owners. I cannot reiterate this enough. We’ve clearly stated the same in our disclaimer (toolbar on the right of the page).

    IPR is something we take seriously and we’ll surely find out more and make sure we are crossing our Ts and dotting our Is… Thanks.


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