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Don’t know about you, but we literally cringed at the sight of Ms. Padukone in the bubble-hemmed sequin dress (an Armaan by Sunaina Puri) and those pumps. Could her outfit be more ‘tween’sy?

Thank heavens for the semi-casual outfit that she sported for her appearance on Koel’s show. Now, this look we loved!


Left: at Airtel Mirchi Music Awards
Right: on the sets of ‘On the Couch With Koel’

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • absolutely ! these two looks have NOTHING in common and i like that !! and she is so young and fresh..infact i am happy she isn’t casting herself in any “image” (yet) !

  1. I don’t think the black outfit is at all inappropriate for a young woman in her early twenties. And despite the minor quibbles I have with the look, she pulls it off beautifully and with great confidence. The second look I love without any reservations.

    • I agree completely. Its definitely okay to look ‘tweensy’ if you are in your tweens, no? Atleast she is dressed age appropriate.

      …and I think more than anything else, she pulls it off very well. Such a short bubble skirt for someone with REALLY long legs is not easy.

  2. i am loving both dresses on her..she is looking lovely in them and is pulling both off with great confidence..infact she is pulling off the black bubble dress better than prolly anyone else would have…radiant i shd say !!

  3. Love her makeup. esp in the second appearance.

    I am going to try that look – the tailored fitted jacket with ruched sleeves with a shift dress. would be great for work.

  4. you know it seems like she is trying to be trendy- going for a sequined dress, blazer, necklace and chunky looking shoes, a la gladiators.
    but for me, it just falls flat. she does not have that style to pick out fashionable & likable individual pieces, nor the ability to match them well

    • Oh! Really?? Could you also please share some thoughts on what did not fit well in second pic and how is it falling flat before declaring that she doesn’t have it!!!!

      • see, this is a personal opinion- tastes and style vary. but here goes:
        according to me, in the first picture, the sequins are right on trend, but the dress itself is, as commented above, more suitable for a teen than a ‘classy’ actress. and the shoes are just too cutesy for all sequin look- the fiercer, the better. and personally, i hate the clutch.
        in the second picture, 1. it should have been a boy friend blazer, not a tailored one. 2. the grey camisole is more apt for the gym than any event. 3. on a more personal note, hate the shoes and necklace.

  5. the black dress is ok, it is the shoes that ruin the look, especially the bow, the shoes would have looked better with a simple LBD. The second look is so much better. She is really beautiful.

  6. I second you Payal. I hate the first dress. The shoes are disgusting. Also, I dont like her hair there. But the second look is so pretty! :) I love the blazer. And the necklace. She looks beautiful there.

  7. i don’t think she looks bad in the black dress as the skirt isn’t too bubbly. she looks great in the pic on the right. i really like her look in karthik calling karthik promos. hope she does more films with farhan.

  8. I guess when they do come out they need to be noticed and wearing that dress sure got her noticed … I wouldnt dare, the second photo she looks really comfortable

  9. Spot on P&P!

    I love the whole attire with the blazer and all in the 2nd appearance. The black dress, although not exactly atrocious, doesn’t work for Deepika at all!

  10. Wow, I’m disagreeing with everything you guys post these days…don’t ban me please!! I just really love fashion lol
    The first look is young, but then again so is Deepika. I mean it”s not like she’s wearing bubblegum pink and channeling Miley Cyrus or something. And she OWNS the first look. Just look at that confidence and attitude. It would make a rice sack work.
    The second look is great too, but a completely different avatar. It’s the whole, “I am too cool AND casual” look. I think both are awesome.

  11. deepika padukone looks so beautiful, i love her dressing sense. and i find nothing wrong with her black sequins dress :) she pulls of flashy so effortlessly, if someone else wore it , i don’t think they would look this good, as for the second look , i think her stylist has done a very good job . this girl has a long long way to go :) did you notice the number of hits she’s got? wow… 4/5 movies she has done are hits :)


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