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Spotted Deepika Padukone in what seems to be a Mandira Wirk dress at her upcoming movie’s press conference! We thought she looked rather lovely in her pink dress! You?

Below are two versions of the dress, one which highlights the bodice detail, and the other the bottom-half that led us to think her outfit might be a Wirk!


Deepika Padukone At London Press Conference Of ‘Love Aaj Kal’


Mandira Wirk Fall 08 (Left) And Fall 09 Runway

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  1. I think this one might be from Lanvin Spring collection with a few modifications. I distinctly remember seeing a similar dress on Charu Sachdev and Padma Lakshmi in a post not too long ago.

    Regardless of that, I think she looks amazing in that dress. The color suits her complexion.

  2. I love the extra wide grin in the first pic.. very endearing and it makes her look a lot more real rather than dead looking and tired.

  3. a breath of fresh air after her last few appearances. Deepika looks lovely. The dress looks great on her. She has kept it simple and the end result is good

  4. Oh!!!! So now I now why everyone is liking the pink dress… Coz YOU girls like it!!

    You should’ve seen what comments would’ve come if u would’ny have said u like it… Seriously…

    I think its a wthey!

  5. @priyanka: I don’t think everyone’s liking it cuz P&P like it,you should go and check out other threads where ppl have clearly stated their own opinions (that are nowhere similar to P&P’s) and moved on!! Gosh, stop being a lil kid..perhaps, ppl genuinely like it!! Duuuuhhhhhhh….

    On Topic: I’m totally loving this cute,trendy,flirty side of Deepika. So much better than the stiff on’es we’ve been subjected to before :) This lil pink dress sure looks rather striking with the dimpled smile. Adorableness!

  6. Don’t like the dress — color does not seem right for her skin tone and it does nothing for her svelte figure, especially in the tummy area.

  7. Deepika looks lovely but I think the dress is awful —- all those gathers and that bubble hem! it looks like a big pink trash bag cinched at the waist. Luckily Deepika is slim and graceful enough to somewhat save the dress from being a disaster!

  8. @priyanka ,, totally agree with you.

    I dont like it one bit.
    Deepika fails to impress. there is always something amiss in her!! With that height and figure and the “supermodel” tag that she’s had, I expect much much much more from her .. and she never delivers!! I am still awaiting a “WOW” moment from her!!

  9. That dress is horrible, it looks like she took her bed sheet and wrapped it around. Any one of the other 2 versions of the dress would have looked lots better.
    @ priyanka – you got it, babe.
    @Bredna-I agree with you ONLY when she laughs. Otherwise, she’s truly attractive.

  10. @priyanka:

    But why do you think it’s a WTHey? Bubble hem dresses are “in” right now, and Deepika has the one body type that can pull them off. The color is gorgeous against her skin tone, and I love that she kept her hair, makeup and accessories simple. She is a beauty, and sadly, that often gets overshadowed by bad clothing. Here, she looks amazing!

  11. never a fan of bybble hem. Its awkward and very rarely look good. Deepika may be gorgeous but she is definitely not stylish. At best her dess sense is safe…at worst dowdy. This is wannabe.

  12. she should stop wearing these hannah montana kind of clothes man. How boring is this, pink dress, wide black patent belt, one unnecessary chunky chain. I just like the way she makes her hair into a looks good. This color does nothing for her.

  13. @Priyanka, dont agree with you as much, coz there hae been quite a few polls, where P/P have stated their preference but the readers have voted in differently.

    even some wtheyys has not be agreed on.

  14. I was just surfing the net for a fashion blog and stumbled upon this. And I have to admit: it’s SAD, the blogs fabulous but the people? SAD…are the pathetic clothes shown here what your top designers and biggest stars really make and wear? even the trashiest hollywood starlet would not be caught dead in 99% of these clothes

  15. agree with priyanka and all others who hate this dress.. I can c its ‘in’ but sheesh ppl gotta realize this design is for teens.. bubble hem- cotton candy like- poofy dresses can’t u c its for teens. a grown woman should dress like a grown one.

  16. I don’t agree with the above comments. So many hollywood starlets wear boring , silly clothes. I think Indian designers are a lot more creative, especially when they design Indian clothes.

  17. @Priyanka, :l that’s ridiculous, anyone with eyes can see that Deepika looks good, and nowhere near as horrible as she has been looking recently
    ALTHOUGH, it may be the lighitng and the angle of the phtoto, Deepika looks FABULOUS (FINALLY!!!) and the dress does look sort of like Lanvin, but I doubt that it is.

  18. She looks radiant and I like this color and the waistbad on her, BUT I think one has to be a little curvier to do full justice to this dress.

  19. me okie with it.. though the other pink dress for the same movie promo was better IMO. Its nothing mindblowingly fashionable.. but nice

    shes got a great body and can wear anything i guess..

    i wish the stylists wud do something with more oomph for her!

  20. gorgeous! love her hair. the dress isnt exceptional, its just that her face and body are so flawless, its making something as ordinary as this look this pretty.

  21. @Jazzz – I think you can achieve that puffy pony using “hollywood bumps”… yes you heard it right.
    Its basically a clip that you clip to your hair and it gives you that puffyness. I see the commercial on TV all the time.

  22. Its similar in colour and style to her last apperance. This is definately better than the last, yet if I had as much money as her I would want to wear something different and unique everytime. Theres no lack of clothes out there, if she (or her stylist) looks!

  23. yes OFcourse indian designer sare SO much better than western designers, thats EXACTLY why every Indian designer who’s ever been interviewed has talked about how the Indian fashion industry has miles to go before it reaches international standards. THATS why every Indian designer who’s had the smallest role in an international fashion week has written tons of rave review of how ‘honoured’ they were. I decided to research this for my school project, and let me tell you, the findings were very, very pathetic. The Indian deisgners themselves say they cant compare with western designers

  24. Indian designers are always comparing themselves with the west, which I find quite pathetic, I mean which frekin american designer would compare himeslf to an indian designer?
    Anamika Khanna:
    “Over the years, production and professionalism has been a problem for Indian designers. But we can’t afford to let that happen anymore.

    “As the market opens and brings new opportunities, we need to match up to international standards,” said Khanna, who is opening a new store at Notting Hill in London.

    Earlier this year, she got investor funding of around two million pounds to push what is aiming to be the first international fashion label from India.

    “The clothes for the international line are completely according to international trends. Earlier, when we were just in India, we could do what we wanted. Bright colors for Holi and Diwali, whatever but abroad you can’t do that, you can’t do yellow when everyone is saying yellow is out.

    “You cannot be (laden with) in-your-face Jaipur or Rajasthan (handiwork and embroidery).”

    this is what suneet verma says:

    “Couture means luxury but unfortunately in India, luxury in terms of apparel is only related to bridal wear. Marriages are the only time when people spend lavishly on their clothes.

    “This is a false notion because even if you pick up an expensive lehnga and get it fitted according to your body size, it will still be prêt wear,” Verma, who was among the 11 designers who participated in the just-concluded HDIL India Couture Week, said.”

    Ritu Kumar:
    Fashion doyen Ritu Kumar said the domestic fashion industry has a long way to go as the gap between the European fashion industry and the Indian fashion industry cannot be bridged fast. “The European fashion industry is centuries old and ours is at a nascent stage. This gap will always remain” Kumar added.

    When your designers themselves put the industry down, you know its really pathetic

  25. Indian designers are always comparing themselves with the west, which I find quite pathetic, I mean which frekin american designer would compare himeslf to an indian designer?

  26. shane and falguni peacock:

    “Internationally you have thousands of designers while in India you can just count 100 names.
    Internationally, accessory making is all licensed. The international designers don’t manufacture everything, they just design it. We are looking at doing that. Like for instance we’d rather do shoes which are made in Italy than made in India. We are actually planning that. We are looking at doing perfumes and bags in due course of time.”

  27. I don’t really get what “what.EVER” is trying to say, so what if indian designers are behind???
    like Ritu Kumar said, the european industry is sooo old, indian industry is still at the begining, maybe in the near future indian designers will be just as good or better, everyone starts somewhere!

    Its hardly an argument?????!!!!!

    Lets see a western designer make a fab saree or lengha or even kameeze, then we have a good argument t discuss! lol

    As for the clothes on this blog being “pathetic”, funny how approx 60% is western label clothes/shoes and bags!! lol

    Now to deepika……don’t like the dress, very much junior prom!! also agree with the person that said why is she wearing similar outfit, when there is soooo much to choose from out there.

    Maybe she’s trying to link pink with love?? how sad if that is true.

    She always looks sweet due to the smile, but still waiting for that “wow” moment!!

  28. @what.EVER – Honestly, i dont think we need to dress up like Holywood stars… we are behind in their standards, so what?? We have so many other fields we have to improve upon, fashion not the 1st priority.
    Anyways, i think each part of the global has their own style according to the body, colour, built and so on… look at the japanese girls, no one can pull off a cami like them, not even the top most hollywood stars.
    So, lets just stay unique and do what we are good at.

  29. @What.ever
    You make me laugh. What’s your point, dear? Are you a publicity person for the western designers? LOL lemme tell ya, it ain’t working:P I like some of the indian designer clothes MUCH more than the western ones! I am sure I am not the only one, so all these things you are proclaiming like they are facts, they ain’t dear, just your opinion. Shall start about how some western designers try to SELL in big bucks local indian designs and this is just not with ONLY clothes so I won’t even go there:)
    And dear, there is NO competition going on, indian stuff vs. western stuff, hey let’s see which side has more ahhahah! It’s all in your head:) No need to create controversery or fights where they are not needed;)_ As for the clothes featured on this site, I have loved many of them, you are hard to please lol

  30. And when they are comparing that does NOT mean they are putting it down! hahahah, ridiculous! If I compare critically Sonam and Deepika, I am not putting anyone down! Jeez @_@ talk about being hyper-sensitive lol

  31. @ what.EVER.

    I am sorry, but I do not see what is wrong with Indian designers saying they are not a patch on the western ones. Isn’t humility a great strength? They accept they have miles to go, how is accepting your inexperience or limitations, ‘pathetic’? I think its honorable to accept your limitations but at the same time aspire to be on par with the best if not better than them. Anyone who is ambitious will compare themselves to the best in the business and aspire to be like that and this is true of any field. Who would you aspire to be if you were in politics Obama or Mugabe?

    I think your comments are juvenile at best. And if you want to score a good grade on that report of yours trying being a little less judgmental and a little more mature.

  32. @what.Ever – chillax! even if everything sucks – it employs people, generates interest and is entertainment for us all..

    i never understand this need to compete interntionally – ie bollywood/hollywood or india vs european/american fashion industry – india is what is and will always be.. for me fashion is being ableto have access to ideas/clothes/blogs beyond what i read / wear from Vogue, Instyle, Bazaar etc.etc.

    So thats why this blog is fun and not SAD.. so anyways..I dont think anything will change ur mind.. but why take poor deepika’s blog page and IMO moderate bubble dress’s attention and divert it to some desi vs everything else cause!

  33. Thank you what.EVER, because of u people will praise Indian designers more now, its this negative outlook that makes 100’s of ppl say positive ..keep on going …cos in the end its only gonna help Indian designers :)

  34. ditto @ charan, emem,Clueless, Virgo vixen…

    What exactly is what.Ever trying to convey??
    Even from the quotes you have put forward, I cannot see anything ‘pathetic” about indian designers .. Everyone here knows, Indian fashion industry is in its budding stage and can’t compete with the big Daddy’s of fashion out there.. what is ‘so’ pathetic about it ?? Its going to take a long time before we reach there but that doesn’t mean we can’t aspire to reach there!!! That’s not putting the industry down .. that’s accepting our flaws and trying to overcome them .(.. “humility” ??)
    As for the clothes featured here, about 75% of them are not from Indian designers … so they being pathetic would mean something else entirely !!
    And ya .. i think you need a chill pill ;) !!

  35. I second emem… Why are ppl always hell bent on comparison? Is this a competition. We are very happy with our designers and just coz someone named “whatever” (d’oh) thinks otherwise, it wont really make a difference to us. So, you can go enjoy your hollywood fashion blogs than visit here and criticize.

  36. I honestly can’t see what you people like in this dress. It’s a tad too big for her and I really abhor her hair. Not well-dressed YET AGAIN.


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