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It was Amit Aggarwal for Daisy both at the press meet and the premiere of ‘Jai Ho’. While the press meet saw her in a gold fusion sari, the premiere was in a purple and black gown from the LFW collection.

We weren’t fans of the gold sari at first but it was definitely the look she looked better in.


Daisy Shah at Jai Ho Dubai Press Meet (left) and Premiere (right)

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. This is definitely WTHeyyy.. She needs a good stylist if she wants to join the A -list actresses and self-proclaimed fashionistas of tinseltown

  2. Ladies, these Amit Aggarwal outfits with their added volume and drapery only flatter 6 ft reedy thin models….why incorporate them for your public appearances, where they do nothing for your body?

  3. How tall is she .. the purple outfit.. especially the last pic .. makes her look .. tall /big (not fat big .. but big big) .. top heavy.. I don’t even find the words to describe .. giant-esque .. weird gowns really!! Then again, I have never really understood Amit Aggarwal’s design sensibilities !!


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