Cricket Couture!

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Yes, it has finally happened! Fashion has found its way into India’s favorite sport.

Manish Arora and Shantanu-Nikhil were asked to design the outfits for the the eight leagues of the Indian Cricket League(ICL). While Manish designed for six teams — Chennai Superstars, Kolkata Tigers, Delhi Giants, Mumbai Champs, Hyderabad Heroes and Chandigarh Lions, Shantanu and Nikhil designed for two, Ahmedabad Rockets and Lahore Badhshahs.

Manish previewed his designs a few months ago, but Shantanu and Nikhil just recently revealed their designs.

While we love Manish to the core, I think the Chennai Superstars probably had a tad bit of a hard time slipping into theirs. They got the pink one, you see! ;)

For more pics of Manish’s designs, go here.

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  1. The pink is what makes the Chennai outfits so. freaking awesome. Along with their ad.

    When people suspected that the outfit wouldn’t actually be pink, but green they were severely disappointed.

    I’m sure that the color was chosen with great thought and purpose. :)

  2. No comments on the sports wear, I don’t watch cricket as well, but I heart Manish’s runaway collection. I like the shirt he’s wearing.

  3. I think Manish M designed it with the cities in mind.

    Also, Santanu and Nikhil Mehra weren’t originally contacted for the uniforms. Last year there were only six teams–the ones Manish designed for. They added Lahore and Ahmedabad in 2008, and S&NM were the designers.

    In terms of pure aesthetics and slickness S&NM wins hand down. But they themselves said they were going for a global feel with but with local elements.


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