Cricket Couture: Manish vs Manish

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While Manish Arora designed for the six teams of ICL, SRK roped in Manish Malhotra to design the jersey for his IPL team, the Kolkata Knight Riders.(Who knew SRK was a Hasselhoff fan!)

The colors of the jersey are black and gold, the black inspired by the Goddess Kali and the gold because, the team is aiming for gold! Umm.. corny ain’t it.. totally filmi ishtyle!

Can’t wait to see the rest of the IPL team’s jerseys now, considering Mallya owns Bangalore, he sure is gonna splurge a lot on his team’s gear!

Edit: Thanks to my better half! Mallya owns Bangalore, not Goa! (Guess am still stuck at locations from the Kingfisher Swimsuit calendar!)

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  1. What?! No comment on Gangles’ suit? The one Mom got stitched for him when she thought he might grow up to be a really tall and broad chap?


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