Feeling Blue In Different Shades

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The silhouette of Masumeh’s dress totally works on her (the color is a bit washed out though). Love the color on Shriya (the dress itself not so much). Love Mehr’s dress. Both color and silhouette.

masumeh-chivas-fashion-tour.jpg shriya-saran-gq-magazine-launch.jpg

L To R: Masumeh, Shriya Saran, Mehr Jessia Rampal

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  1. Mehr’s dress instantly reminded me of the one Priety Zinta wore at Cannes(I think?!) with her emerald necklace…if only Masumeh could stop pouting…Shriya is okayish…doesn’t impress..

  2. Masumeh – Love the dress , love the color hate the shoes , hate the lipstick

    middle one – Hate everything.

    Right one – Wow Arjun really rocks. ;-) Oh! and the blue dress on Meher looks good. Don’t like her hair though.

    Back to Arjun – He really rocks. Doesn’t he?

  3. hate the oily glow on Shriyas face.. and masumeh needs to lighten up – she is making the dress look bad..

    of all the only lady who looks relaxed is Mehr.. so my vote goes to her

  4. @moni, woman, i just LOVE ur comments! hehehe Arjun’s hot for sure!

    man, masumeh has a nice bod…neck down. lol her “pout” is gettin to me.
    shriya needs to learn how to dress.

    mehr is the only saving grace

  5. Its so good to see Mehr dressed up like this, havent seen her like this in a long time.. she is always in denims and a white shirt from the time I remember her!

  6. mehr looks awesome. she looks poised and relaxed as one would expect from a former model. shriya looks ok. masumeh looks too stiff and uncomfortable. she needs to either chill out or stay at home.

  7. I cannot believe you put Masumah in the same place as Mehr…chalk and cheese… Mehr aces the look, but then she has had a lot of style, the late Rohit Khosla and now Tarun call her their muse….

  8. Shriya’s dress and overall look is tacky – what’s wrong with her i dont understand.. she’s pretty, has a good bod, but is dressing really weird these days since she went into bollywood..

  9. mehr’s dress is lovely but i wouldnt know where to wear it!
    masumeh’s dress could have been in a better colour. shriya – i gave up hope long ago. she has no sense of style and doesnt seem to want to waste money on a stylist

  10. Adit- I am the muse of Tarun!
    I am his top favourite model yar!
    Mehr Mehr Mehr…drives me crazy!
    I acted in Kama Sutra as a dancer and the cut my performance out! I still have a photo with Rekha Aunty! I am a star!


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