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Not quite feeling these ladies’ style/look at the Chivas fashion tour, or is it just us?

Preeti Jhangiani
Shweta Salve


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  1. preeti..the less said the better. just a couple of posts before, we were all gushing about GREEN…via Karishma’s cover…and this green just totally ruins it!

    i like the way shweta’s dres hangs, however the makeup could be loads better. i love her legs but.

    and is that a clutch?

  2. I love shveta’s dress and hair and the make up..the bag is a dior..casual chic !! she looks adorable..P&P whats wrong with her guys !! And how can u compare her subtle chic look with the garish Preety ..Pls P&P …seriously !!

  3. shweta’s dress and shoes and everything looks nice (makeup is so-so). the bag is awful. she should’ve carried a an elegant little clutch rather than that dior monstrosity.

  4. preeti looks pregnant.. dress is not doing anything for her if she is not pregers

    Shweta.. dress is okay.. but her head/face looks too big.. and why she has to wear soooo much eyeshadow.. i always see her with blinding amounts of eyemakeup..

  5. I think Shweta got it right….I don’t think she should be compared with Preeti “Bloated” Jhangiani! Preeti makes most clothes look bad, not sure how she does it though….

  6. Shweta looks 9/10, one point off just cuz of the bag. Preeti’s outfit is horrible!! It doesn’t even look like it’s ironed properly. The dress looks really cheap and boring. She should get a 5/10 for atleast trying.

  7. dont like preeti’s dress – it looks retarded. Shweta’s is a bit too short for comfort – could have been worn with capri tights, me thinks..

  8. Preeti – Me thinks she is havin a really bad day !! Looks bloated and style all wrong …

    Shveta – Love her …what is wrong with u gals P/P ,
    It is just u guys !! Pls !! She is so pretty and girlie..the hair ..the make up not that bad guys and wats sooooo bad abt the Dior..come on half us maybe cant even afford or own one …give the girl a break ! she is chic and so sexy pretty…not like the wannabees with all the brands hangin in the open !!

  9. so my problem with shweta’s dress is – imagine her standing up, the dress would be even shorter then… there would be nothing left to imagination if she were to bend forward 2 inches.

  10. agreed..she is, as always, desperately trying to look sexy and comes off looking skanky instead (how can we forget that pathetic Maxim photoshoot??). I like the cute pink color…that’s about it.

  11. Shweta’s dress reminds me of the baggy t-shirts of the 1980s….
    I actually like shade of green in Preeti’s dress, and think it might have looked a tad better if there was some waistd efinition, and it didn’t appear to just hang…


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