Go Green: A Face Off

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Who did her green better?


Left: Dipannita Sharma
Right: Soha Ali Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Malini.. loved your comment about bandaged like a mummy. My sentiments exactly.

    Heavens to betsey…like Binerry I cant believe I have to say Soha is better dressed.

  2. Soha’s saree anyday…(minus the messy hair-do).
    Is Dipanita wearing a Mekhla-Chadar variation? (it doesnt look like a traditional saree with pleats…). Perhaps shorter sleeves on the blouse would have made the whole look less “severe”.

    P&P: Love the blog–have been “lurking” for the past couple of weeks, and it’s been fun :)

  3. I pick Dipannita. Only because its an interesting look, with the long, fitting sleeves with a sari. And basically I’m a sucker for figure-hugging, sophisticated, simple designs.

    Soha looks nice too.

  4. Dipanita looks way better. Its a different style and it hugs her body quite well. Nicely worn.

    Soha looks like she does everytime with that pile of crap on her head. Seriously, what the heck is that?!And the saree is similar to those seen in Saas bahu shows, nothing new about it.

  5. I don’t like Soha’s version much because she looks way too average for a celebrity. That hairstyle need to go!!
    But I wouldn’t pick Dipannita either as she is covered in way too much of the green fabric- reminds me of the horrid green curtain/bedsheet Jaya wore to the Cannes!!

  6. i like the green on soha more..
    but on a whole the netire luk duznt work..
    soha needs to come out of her 1920s luks..

    n dipannita’s green is too flushed out..
    but i like how she has done her luk

  7. Soha’s good turn may have to do with titan raga , I remember Rani wearing a similar sari in burgundy when she was brand ambassador for them

  8. Both are NOT working it.

    Dipanta’s saree- the colour is beautiful but its making her look washed out.

    Did someone mention lab coat? I was thinking more along the lines of surgeon’s smock.

    Soha’s Saree- OMG DID YOU SEE THAT FUGLY Hair??? Soha’s saree? Now that’s what I want for ma b’day daddy! But is she working it? NAW, the hair killed it.



  9. soha looks absolutely radiant! wish she’d ditch the hairstyle…! dipannita looks like shez suffocating inside the sari – or whatever it is that shez wearing.

  10. cough** cough:: soha does look better (very hard to admit!)

    Long full sleeve blouses are like ancient history.. and disappeared when Madhuri decided to ditch films

  11. i prefer soha’s look over dipannita’s….y did dipannita hv 2 borrow her mom’s sari from yesteryears…also soha desperately needs 2 change her haistyle…she has been sporting the same look everytime…be it wid her casual attire…or proper events wid evening dresses…wid sari…


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