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We liked Jiah’s look at the GQ magazine launch… this one, not so much!


Jiah Khan At Chivas Fashion Tour Bash


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  1. considering the fact that she is a brand new entry in the film industry, shouldnt she be extra careful about the way she looks and more importantly CARRIES HERSELF OUT?

  2. I think long hair has its limit, I don’t think the Sado look is in any more, a bit of triming and cutting the hair won’t hurt either, her hair or extensions are too long and fuzzy, she has to trim them or at least style them the way that it doesn’t look like she just finished fighting a cat to get there

  3. Hey Jia,

    My mom’s dhobi (Iron man ) charges 50 paisa per dress. He also gives discounts to people who get their hair cut from his brother. Also, he may give you a special ” Moni” discount.

    Do want his address?

  4. she has a very innate sexuality I think, it’s in the body language and such
    but her outside need a bit of help
    PLEASE CUT YOUR HAIR! -hair that long is so limiting

  5. Why does she wear that weird Gauri-Khan-like make up?

    Moni, your comments are so much fun to read. :D Btw, where’s this dhobi you talk of? 50 paisa? lol I remember that rate was about 15-20 years ago.


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