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Taking many by surprise, Celina announced on Twitter yesterday that she wed Peter Haag on the 23rd of July in Austria.

We wish her the very best!

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  1. She’s oozing an old-world charm…definitely a first for tacky Celina! Let’s hope this is the look she sticks to post marriage.

  2. I think she looks that she wore a simple saree sans the usual bling associated with bollywood weddings. The pearls were a nice touch as well. Congratulations to the couple!

  3. I am surprised by the look and pleasantly so ! she looks classy and gorgeous for the first time. So glad she wore a saree. The picture is pretty.

    But its sad to see that most grooms are balding these days – all over the world.

  4. She looks nice enough to be attending someone else’s wedding in that simple chiffon. its one thing to avoid tacky, its a whole other to wear something so ridiculously ordinary for your own wedding.
    I wish her luck in her new innings anyway. Its a good sign that she’s begun by ending the tacky past.

  5. She looks pretty and elegant and I love the addition of pearls to her outfit.

    But, im confused here! How is a one boob drape called classy?

  6. This looks like a registery office do, hence the simple saree – lets hope she glams it up a bit for her desi functions(if she has any that is). I expected a bit more glamour from her, looks like something you’d wear to a lunch party.


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