Celebs On The Runway: Amby Valley India Bridal Week

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There weren’t any clear winners on the runway on the remaining days of the Amby Valley India Bridal Week. But, there was one very clear loser and she really did win (or lose in this case) by inches. Lots of inches of hair in this case! Do we have to tell you who?

Prachi Desai and Neha Dhupia for Falguni and Shane Peacock

Raageshwari Loomba, Zeenat Aman and Arjan Bajwa for Riyaz Gangji

Left: Tulip Joshi for Jaya Mishra
Center and Right: Geeta Basra and Zarine Khan for Sonia Gohil

Left: Neetu Chandra for Ashima and Leena
Right: Amrita Rao for Archana Kochhar

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Amrita Rao, Neetu Chandra, Neha, all three look horrible.
    Tulip looks like Radha from low budget movie. No comments about Zarine becaue she herself seems pretty pissed at what she is wearing. No winners here.

  2. okay so everything whatsoever they all have on aside ,is that really zeenat aman ? i mean is she the same lady who used to act in movies like decades back ? How gorgeous ,fresh and young looking is she.

  3. i like Tulip the best , she is anywayz a very bright and beautifull face , so looks gud as a bride..she reminds me of muslim brides.Amrita’s dress is a definite No No for me , i would not like to see any brides in such dress and hairdos.

  4. Raajeshwari looks the best IMO. The lady knows how to carry herself with grace even in a disastrous ensemble like this. and something makes me sure you are referring to Amrita Rao. Honestly give the girl a break already. You are too harsh on her.

  5. Even though PnP are talking about Amrita’s hair , Neha and Zarine deserve a mention too….ugh!! Zeenat looks the best.So elegant and calm

  6. The border’s a little large on that first saree, but I love the cream color of it and the other parts of the (non-pallu) design.

  7. do they give the worst outfit to the Showstoppers? seriously, some of the other clothes by each designer were better than the SS – I thought they were supposed to be “show stoppers’ in a good way? lol

  8. GAUDY … all of them!! Zeenat Aman still manages to make the outfit look okay , but rest of them are just horrible and too loud! God, why are they doing this to Indian wear ??

  9. Neha Dhupia looks like a bride who just discovered her fiance’s affair with someone; Amrita Rao is sporting a hairstyle that’s heavier than her body weight – and is managing a tipsy smile at that! Neetu Chandra can’t beleive people would want to see her in that attire, Raageshwari is ready to strangle the person who made her hair look like a vase! Zarine is pretty pissed herself as annie says. Zeenat looks comfy and confident.

  10. Call me crazy or just an undying fan but I like Amrita’s look. Sure, her hair extensions could have lost a foot or two, but I dig the uber-feminine, exotic, Oriental vibe going on there.


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