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Ms. Azmi, Not Again!

Ms. Azmi, we really like you. Really do. Except, you make it so darned hard for us when you choose to dress like this. Not once, but twice.

Left: At The 4th Dubai International Film Festival
Right: At The Party For German Watch Alange

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My Feathers Are All Ruffled

Just when I thought ok, so Tanya Abrol must have gotten that frilly, ruffled ‘frock’ out of her system now that she wore it to that Australia India Festival few months ago, I’d never have to see it again! But noooooo!! Guess what she wore to the Star Screen Awards?

Left: At Australia India Film Festival
Right: At Star Screen Awards

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Urvashi’s Favorite Dress?

When we first saw Urvashi in this green printed dress, we hoped she would realize how ugly this dress is and get rid of it. Now she has worn it again and now we have to feature her here and get our point across loud and clear!

GET RID OF THIS DRESS! You are far too pretty to be lost in the printed mess of this dress!

Rocky S Club Wear Launch

Goal Premiere


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