Cannes 2017: L’Oréal Ladies Red Carpet & Off Duty RoundUp

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It’s been a while (we’ve been sick with sore throats), but here it is. Getting back into the RoundUp groove with the L’Oréal ladies from Cannes 2017.

Don’t worry, we’ll cover the others as well! Sit back, and enjoy!

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  1. This year Sonam and Rhea went for the money! They settled on pay cheques from Elie Saab and Kalyan Jewellers rather than putting any effort into creating any sort of look. Anyone who thinks sonam actually chose those two gowns by Elie Saab is misled. Elie Saab paid big bucks for her to wear those!

    • Actually, they went the safe route. Sonam has been friends with R&R and they dressed her for her appearances in 2016. Similarly, she has good rapport with Elie Saab. A few months before the Cannes film festival, she went and attended a charity gala in Beirut for the designer. I believe that is when she zeroed in on her gowns. Given her schedule, I think being safe rather than disaster for once was a good choice. Also, people like Elie Saab who are adored by Hollywood A-listers don’t need to pay Sonam or Rhea. As for Kalyan, Sonam is their brand ambassador, it makes sense to promote their work at Cannes, win-win for both parties involved. I don’t know who gave you the idea of paid promotions but fashion giants like Elie Saab don’t need that.

  2. I don’t agree with most of what you’ll have said:
    1/ Ash was too barbie doll – and not in a good way for me. If i had to choose it would be the blue gown. The red was too matchy and tweeny.

    2/ Sonam hands down looked better in the rose gold ellie saab on the first day. Gold is a common colour to wear during awards, the rose gold was different, the make up was stunning and she looked gorgeous. The second look was too similar to the first and was a let down.

    3/ Deepika in the Marchesa was stunning – it was risky yet ladylike, the make up and hair was flawless. The green gown reminded me of the old deepika – the one who had no style. The green eye shadow was over the top and the ear cuffs were eww – so old fashioned.

    Totally disagree with your picks of red carpet looks.


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