A Doggie Bag

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Nevamind the clothes… those bags though, I just don’t know what to make of them!

Tell me am not the only one who is a lil’ creeped out by the doggie…


Brinda Parekh
Left: At Maheka Mirpuri Fashion Show
Right: At Roopaje Fashion Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. well….I can only hope that she didn’t spead a big chunk of moolah on that pooch.and yes it is a creepy looking bag and would go well with a holloween costume .

  2. Well, at least it’s not one of those bags that girls carry with REAL dogs in them (have you ever seen those poor puppies, they shake like leaves- FREE THE DOGS!)
    yeah, I guess she’s…quirky (obviously as indicated by the playboy bunny pendant she’s wearing, it’s all ironic ;) )

  3. I definitely am in your corner. And I think I know what creeps me out — that bag looks like the lovechild of a dinosaur & and unknown-breed canine with a mysterious growth on the neck. What frikkin animal is that ?? More importantly, can it even hold anything?
    I don’t mind the owl-bag, but the rest of her outfit is so tacky it takes away all the spunk from the bag.

  4. somthing are so obvious and persistent about her…black coloured dress,those ear-rings…and shoes..she should better change her wardrobe and accessories she made us bore with r repeatative look

  5. Instead of spending money on that freaky purse.. she should have just bought a different pair of shoes.. would have helped her look better!


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