Bridal Asia 08: Meera And Muzaffar Ali

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1-meera-muzaffar-ali-bridal-asia-show-2008.jpg 2-meera-muzaffar-ali-bridal-asia-show-2008.jpg

3-meera-muzaffar-ali-bridal-asia-show-2008.jpg 4-meera-muzaffar-ali-bridal-asia-show-2008.jpg

5-meera-muzaffar-ali-bridal-asia-show-2008.jpg 6-meera-muzaffar-ali-bridal-asia-show-2008.jpg

7-meera-muzaffar-ali-bridal-asia-show-2008.jpg 8-meera-muzaffar-ali-bridal-asia-show-2008.jpg


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  1. first pic on the fourth row:i think its unfortunate that it has a uterus drawn on it..unfortunate placement of that motif..oh well, pretty pink though

  2. I didn like the collection much…i thot that as soon as i will open the page, I ll be like WOW…this is wat i wazzzz lookng for…. hwever, i didn get that feel at all…… i didn like the colors even…. so common they are…


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