Black Vs. Black

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Which LBD does she wear better?

At ‘Get Gorgeous’ Event
At CMAI Apex Awards

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  1. I thik the second one is better for her body type…she looks a hell of a lot thinner but he shoes -___-
    contrary to lots of the previous comments I abosolutely ADORE this woman :)
    she manages to stand out of no matter what she wears….a complete noncornformist

  2. Hard Kaur is a Rockstar ! I see her pic and it seems she’s going to take off her heels and break into Kungfu and Bhangra ( alternating it of course) any moment. And that name “hard’ kaur ! As if the ‘Kaur’ wasn’t hard enuff ! lol

  3. she still sports puppy fat on her face!
    but she can carry the black dress in second pic better as the dress can cover her not-so-attractive areas…it’s a flattering dress and not HK’s virtue


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