Birkin Spotting Yet Again!

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Above: Padma Lakshmi at Day 2 of Lakme Fashion Week

Life can be so unfair! While some of us are waiting to get that first one, some people already have more than one! Here is Padma at Pria Kataria Puri’s show with a white Birkin.

Coincidentally, Pria also has one in white in addition to her black one! We may not like her personal style but we do envy Pria for her Birkin collection!

Above: Pria Kataria Puri at the launch of Upen Patel’s Ice Model Management Agency

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  1. anon23,
    about your comment, we delete any which have links. Just a policy that we follow. About the bag, its hard to make out without a proper picture..

  2. Yeah that is a nice bag.

    A comment about large bags… how does one find anything in the black hole that is a large bag. I am always scrambling to find my wallet or sunglasses or cellphone or keys that fall to the bottom, never to be found again quickly! Annoying but the price of fashion!


  3. whats wrong with her style-i think she looks very cool – the bag looks fab-v difficult to find white bags
    -it cant be a fake ,it looks too good

  4. i agree-she is amazing cant believe u guys are bitching her out.she is so hippie chic,i love her look,glasses,bandana& the bagggggggggggg.


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